Saturday, September 26, 2009

Looking Forward

The summer has flown by, it's been busy for us. And it continues to be busy. We've had a few days home here and there, but they were few and far between. Such is the life of our jobs.
This week we'll be off for the Northern part of Illinois and then to New York State. And following that we'll be headed for Canada, New Brunswick. I'm actually looking forward to that, I've not been to the state of Maine, so I will be able to cross that off my bucket list. And I'm hoping that maybe the trees will be changing. What a beautiful part of the country to get to travel through at this time of year. Several of us will be traveling that direction, hope we get to travel in groups, it makes the drive seem shorter and the sights more fun to see. Another group of our drivers will be heading to Vancouver, not sure we'll be going there. The lights headed in that direction are for the Olympics. How neat, huh!
This morning was spent taking the girls to the Vet to make sure we had all our shots and necessary paperwork for entering and exiting Canada with no problems. And of course we both have our passports in order, so we can pass through with no problems as well, lol. Something to look forward to.
I've not had time for much of anything except driving lately. But, winter is coming and I will be laid off and will have time for those things then. Atleast that's what I keep telling myself. Will need to do some fall cleaning then as well.
I do read your blogs, sorry I haven't had time to leave you a note, but I try to keep up. I will be able to keep up with my own blog this winter, lol.
Hope you are all well and creative. Don't forget to leave me a note if you so choose, I love hearing from you!!
Hugs, Bren

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life In the Fast Lane, Literally!

Wow, all I can say is it's been busy this last month! My time at home has been very limited, only home about 24 hours in the last month. I don't like being this busy. I like a little more time at home than that. But such is the schedule, so I have to deal with it . Although I have to say sometimes I don't deal with it very well.
I have not crafted much at all and am having withdrawls, lol. The only thing I have worked on is my needle punch and haven't progressed much.
My computer has not been turned on for weeks at a time! That's not like me, but by the end of my day I'm bushed, and then up and at it again the next day.
In the last month we have been to Phoenix back to back, then Virginia, Indiana, Arkansas and now we are heading out for the Denver area. We have been lucky and run together except for this last trip back from Arkansas, hubby had a reload to Minnesota and I had to go to Chicago. Not one of my favorite places either. We've made a brief stop here at home, do a little laundry, ran a few errands and will leave out a little later today.
The weather here is so much like Fall, the leaves are even falling from some of the trees!! Not ready for this! We didn't have a summer, it was cool and rainy. And now signs of cooler weather are fast approaching! I think I'm sunshine deprived, lol.
I'm so far behind on your blogs I'll take forever to catch up, but I'll try to do better this week and catch up on your worlds.
Hope each and everyone of you are Happy, Healthy and crafting. Enjoy your day whatever you do.
Hugs, Bren