Saturday, August 30, 2008

At the Races

I haven't posted in awhile, it's been a busy week. Our week started out with loads to Paramount, Ca. We arrived at he job site on Thursday evening. We were in a fenced in area with a security guard. the football field was brand new with nice Astro turf, the girls had a blast running around on the artifical grass! We unloaded on Friday morning, this took awhile as there were 3 of us there. After unloading, dispatch had load for me about 25 miles away, so off I went. when I got there, I thought I'll never get this Big rig backed in there!! and, without the help of another driver there I wouldn't have, BUT I DID IT!!!! They gave me a Gold Star for the day, LOL. So, I picked up a load of hip waders, yep I said hip waders going to Sauk Rapids, Mn.. Hubby picked up a load of machines of some kind going to Chicago.

So, after getting our loads we headed to the TA Travel Center in Ontario, Ca. We need to take our 34 hour break. And, it just so happens that Nascar is here this weekend. After a hot shower, getting laundry done and a relaxing breakfast, he was off to the races. I don't mind, he knows a lot pf people affiliated with Nascar and so enjoys it. I said go and have a Good time. I'm sure he will.

The girls and I are in our traveling home, lol. It's quite comfortable for us, a comfy bed, computer, a good DVD, and food in the cooler. And I have my crafty things I'm working on. Still working on the penny rug candle mat and the pinkeep. Almost have them done. I'm posting pics of the place I had to back in and of the thermometer in the desert in Baker, Ca. I think it was 93 degrees when we went through that morning.

This part is for my brother-in-law, he knows which one he is, lol. I'll see if he really reads this! I'm having a package sent to your house, since I'm not home to get it.

I'm excited to get my package, it's my Mary Kay order. We have "New" Mineral Eye shadows and blushes. I've ordered some samples and if you're interested in seeing them let me know. I can't wait to get them!!

We'll head out in the morning for our destinations and will run together until we reach Des Moines, Ia where I'll head North. I hope to be home sometime Wednesday, probably late. Hubby should get back in on Thursday.

Hope you all are having a fun filled Holiday weekend!! Have lots of fun ans stay safe!

Until we meet again..................Prim Pink blessings.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Water Balloons and Water Guns

Did we have fun or what? LOL! Spent the weekend for our 34 hour break with the kids and had a blast. There were water balloons and water guns and an all out war with Papa the boys and Daddy. The daughter and I have decided this will be an on going thing, with the artillery only getting bigger as the years go on, LOL. Like who will have the biggest water gun? Well they had a great time, even though one little boys pants kept falling down. That didn't stop them though. We cooked out a fab supper of BBQ Pork chops, Hobo potatoes and green beans with yellow watermelon for dessert.

The girls had fun running in the cool grass and getting squirted with water, too! And they had a bath at the end of the day. No wet doggie smell here, lol.

We cleaned out the trucks and did all the necessary laundry early in the day so as to enjoy the afternoon.

I'm posting a couple of pics of the water fight and of the girls. Hope your weekend was as fun as ours.

Until we meet again..........Prim Blessings

Friday, August 22, 2008

I've Been Keeping a Secret

And I've been dying to tell!! Lol! Our household had grown since last Monday. We added 2 "New" members. I'm posting a pic, now it's not the best and I'll be taking more, but you'll see them any way. Meet Maile and Sofie! We finally were given the OK to get a pet and we did! One is mine, Maile, the other is his, Sofie. Both travel with me, LOL. They are so cute, Maile is the loveable one and Sofie is the fiesty one.

We delivered in Atlanta and then reloaded just north of there. On the way back to the north we have stopped to see the grandkids and daughter and son-in-law. Well, imagine the surprise in the eyes of 2 little boys at seeing us and then ten fold that when they saw "The Girls". We had a fun afternoon, the girls got to run and play. Pappa brought water ballons, so he, the boys and Daddy had a water balloon fight in the late afternoon. Too, much fun!

We will leave here Sunday morning to head to our delivery points for Monday morning delivery. Then meet back up at the home terminal to pick up loads for California.

Hope you all had a Great day. Wishing you a weekend as fun as I know ours will be.

Until we meet again.........Prim blessings

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mid Week in Atlanta

We're off!! Our week started out picking up our loads on Tuesday for Atlanta. Delivered this morning and reloaded a few miles back to the north. My load goes to Illinois and hubby's goes to Iowa. We meet back up at the home terminal and pick up loads for California.

And we'll get to that just as soon as we stop and see the grandkids on our way back to the north. We should get to spend a day and a half atleast with them. Can't wait to see their faces when we get there, we haven't told em we were coming!! And the littlest one will be beside himself when he sees HIS PAPA!! LOL. So, we're looking forward to our time there. Since we won't be back by the home front will do laundry while at the daughter's, can't let a weekend go by without that.

Have you all had a good week so far? Wishes for a Great weekend for you.

I'm posting a pic of the things I've been working on lately. The two bags at the top are done and now I'm on to the penny rug and the pinkeep.

Until we meet again...........Prim Blessings.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Weekend Again

I love the weekend when you can truly relax. We made it back home late last night and after unpacking the car and getting unwound I actually slept like a log. Guess I needed it, lol. The week started out with me being sick and progressively got better with the exception of my back and neck being out. A good nights sleep did wonders.

Today, was a relaxing day. The usual domestic goddess things, running to the store for a few items and laundry. Caught up on computer emails and whatevers. We went to hubby's brothers tonight for a relaxing evening. And it might have been a relaxing evening if their younger brother hadn't been playing his pranks, lol. Seems he had some leftover small fireworks, those things that you throw at the sidewalk and they "POP". Scared the crap outta me, but most of all it literally scared the crap out of their dog while it was on my lap. Only I didn't know it till later!! So the end to my relaxing day was crapped on. Richard will love that, and what a story he'll have to tell for weeks, even months from now. I'll not hear the end of it for quite sometime and I had nothing to do with it. I was just the one being crapped on! Just love it when we go for a visit with them, there's always a memory in the making and a story to be told. And the next family adventure was in the planning for Labor Day weekend.

We'll be headed for Atlanta on Tuesday. Have high hopes of stopping at the kids on the way back. Haven't seen the kids for a couple of months. So cross your fingers on that.

Didn't take pics this last week as I had posted pics in an earlier post of New Mexico and didn't want to repeat. I'll try to get pics this week since we're going in a different direction.

Hope you all have a Great week!
Until we meet again..........................Prim Blessings!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time To Dream

It's a beautiful day here in Albuquerque. Just waiting until the morning to unload the last drop. So I've had the afternoon to daydream. I've worked on a little needlepunch, a fall design with pumpkins and a crow. I'm using the "New" Valdani threads so I'm looking forward to see what it looks like finished. I love the Valdani threads.

Ok, so here's whats been on my mind today. I'd like to come up with a "New" name for my blog. I'd love any and all suggestions. And, I want a new topper for my blog with some really cute prim graphics. I've been searching on the web today, but to no avail. I'm sure I'll have to have something made. But that will have to wait until I come up with a new name. Again any and all suggestions are welcome.

I've also been looking at web sites and blogs of other creative people. I'm listing a "New" blog under my source of inspirations, KKL Primitives. I love her web site as well as her blog! check it out and it might give you some inspiration too.

I look at all these creative things and the people who are doing them, and I think I wish I were doing something like that, too. I've always wanted to do patterns, for like 20 years I've doodled things but never produced. And now there are the New Etsy shoppes, how neat are those! And I'm always thinking about what I could do with something or make a design come to life. I guess I need a little more time, or maybe I need to manage my free time better, LOL. So, I've spent some time daydreaming today.

My hubby is the kind of person who thinks it, and it happens. I need to be more like that.

It's been a good day! I hope your day was creative and productive as well.

Until we meet again.........Prim Blessings!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday from Tucumcari, NM. The first part of my week didn't start out so good, was sick with someone's flu bug! Then the aches and pains, now just my neck and back out, LOL. But, I'm feeling much better.

Just dropped off the first drop of my load in Roy, NM, will deliver the 2nd drop on Friday morning. Then? Who knows, LOL.

I'm adding a pic of the little bags I'm working on, keep in mind this is a work in progress. The next time I'm home for any length of time they should be done.

Hope you are having a Great week so far.

Until we meet again.............Prim Blessings

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ahhhhhh, The Weekend

So glad to be home on the weekend. This past week was a good week all in all. Started out in Kentucky and then to New York state and back. But, it's always nice to be home. We actually got home late Saturday afternoon, after stopping for the usual groceries. Brought Chinese home for supper and just relaxed. This morning was a nice cool, but sunny morning. Fall is in the air. Although it's my favorite season, I'm not ready for it yet, because I know cold weather is not far behind.

After a few Domestic Goddess duties, laundry and such. I had time to relax and refresh. Out of town relatives called, a nice surprise. We all meet at hubby's brothers and had a nice visit around the fire. I saw a falling star or maybe a meteor. It's always nice to sit aorund the fire and relax.

I have some crafty things to get ready to take this next week. We're off to New Mexico for the week.

Until we meet again......Prim Blessings!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On the Move Again

After a nice weekend at home and a fun Diva Day it's back to work. We've made a run to a small College in the eastern part of Kentucky and now we're on our way to New York. So far so good for the week. Hope your week is going well also.

I frantically finished some ornies for a swap I'm in, and I do mean frantically! They are postal now via priority mail, Thank goodness. I have some goodies in my bag to work on if I get time this week. I'll post pics of the ornies later, but can't at this time. Some of the girls from the swap might take a peek, lol.

Hoping the rest of your week goes well. I'll post more later.

Until we meet again.......Prim Blessings!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Diva Day

I'm behind on my blogging again, lol. It's been a long week and I'm glad to have a few days at home to rest and relax! We just returned from University Park, Pa. To be exact we delivered to Penn State University. Wow a big place and a very nice campus!

Friday was a day to run errands. got to the chiroprator, stock up on groceries for the weekend. I had computer issues this last week, so hubby took some time to fix that for me. What would I do without him! He is the computer wizard! We spent the evening with hubby's brother and wife, relaxing around the fire, Yes, a fire in 90 degree weather,lol, and visited. It's always fun to visit with them and relax. I have been friends with my sister in law for many years and we used to do everything together, I miss our fun days we used to have! Ok, that was our Friday.

Earlier in the week my friend Pam, the only one who keeps up with me, emailed to see if I were coming home. She always emails to see how and where I am and ask "are ya ever going to come home", lol. We made plans to get together this morning. So, off I went with my basket of current things I'm working on. Thinking we were going to sit and visit and just work on our projects, lol. She had ideas of her own, making "dottie dolls". Never heard of these before, but she filled me in and our creative minds started working. How fun these were, and the ideas are still flowing! She has already posted a pic of hers on her blog, and I will post of mine later as well. It was an awesome morning, visiting, creating and playing with her girls Winnie and Dottie ( they're dogs, but don't tell them that, lol). She is a BIG inspiration for me and I was needing inspiration, Thank you Pam for being you.

After all that creativeness, I needed a nap, lol. A much need one. Hubby fixed supper on the grill. A couple of loads of laundry and now just relaxing and catching up on computer work.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day. Finish laundry, repacking for the week ahead and making sure I have plenaty of things to work on with me. Next week we start out for Kentucky with a short run and I'm sure a long run towards the latter part of the week. So we most likely will be out for the weekend.

Hoping you all had a Great week!! I'll post pics later.
Prim Blessings to you all.