Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday from Tucumcari, NM. The first part of my week didn't start out so good, was sick with someone's flu bug! Then the aches and pains, now just my neck and back out, LOL. But, I'm feeling much better.

Just dropped off the first drop of my load in Roy, NM, will deliver the 2nd drop on Friday morning. Then? Who knows, LOL.

I'm adding a pic of the little bags I'm working on, keep in mind this is a work in progress. The next time I'm home for any length of time they should be done.

Hope you are having a Great week so far.

Until we meet again.............Prim Blessings

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Neenee said...

Hi Bren ~~ Thank you for visiting my blog!

I can't wait to see how your bags turn out - love what I see so far!!