Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year, New Project

I hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas. We were fortunate enough to spend several days with our grandsons and had a blast. On my last post I had said I would be around more, giggle, well I never even got online! We were just having too much fun.I did get the binding on one of my quilts and I made another crocheted rug using fabric. Those are so fun and relaxing. So now it's time for?, not sure what. It's a New year, or almost and I'm searching for something to do next. My bag of goodies to take along is empty. I'm open to suggestions if you have any. I have a couple of days home before we start rolling again. And I'm planning on making a trip to town tomorrow. So if I need supplies for my next project I can pick them up, but gotta have a project.

The snow is all gone, and it was 40 degrees today. But tonight the winds are howling, the temps are dropping and the lights are flickering. I've lit some candles in case we lose power. The weather man says it going to be cold tomorrow and then on New Years day it will start getting warmer. We'll be home for New Years and then be heading to the Southwest. While I'm home I have some catching up to do, reading all your blogs, posting a comment here and there and visiting my favorite board. I Love this little blog land we are all in, I look forward to you stopping by and checking out my adventures both in my travels and my crafts. And I'll be checking to see what you are all working on too. Thanks for stopping by, I've met some of the nicest people through my blog and hope to meet more in the New Year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas Express

We started the week heading south, toward warmer weather. We had good roads, thank goodness. Well, it wasn't that warm in the south. And we were down in the Gulf by Biloxi, Mississippi. But it wasn't the sub zero weather and the wind chills they were having to deal with back home. After making our destination and unloading we were sent back north towards our Christmas stop.
Up early and on the road, alittle bit of rain, temps were cold but we did ok. The phone rings..........it was the oldest grandson(he's 5) he said "are you driving?' of course I said yes, "to our house?" again yes, "how long before you get here?" I tired to give him as close a guess as I could on our arrival time. Next the youngest one gets on, "what's taking so long!?" by this time I'm in stitches over the excitement of these two and wishing I had recorded this phone call.....it was priceless! From then on time stood still or so it seemed, giggle. Just knowing they couldn't wait for us to get there. We arrived, they were excited, the pups were excited, giggle. An afternoon of just hanging out, a pot of spaghetti and homemade sauce for supper, Yum, Yum.
Today we'll be baking cookies to leave for Santa. And whatever else we can think of. Planning on a fun filled day, hope you are too.
The Express will be stopped here for the Holidays, to enjoy time with our family. I wish you all a Holly Jolly Christmas. Enjoy your families, friends and traditions.

Until Later.....................Hugs

Friday, December 19, 2008

Where oh Where

Where oh Where has the Express been? Over the snow and thru the fog! We started out the week with snow, the roads were patchy covered. Tuesday morning and we were off again the roads were much better, thru Illinois, into Kentucky where they had some snow and don't normally get much so they aren't the greatest about cleaning the roads. but we endured! Into Tennessee and drizzle and light rain, but the temps were good. On into Alabama, the temps were rising the rain was increasing and the fog was thick. We unloaded on Wednesday morning in Alabama, hubby had a second drop, so I made my way to a truck stop and fueled up and grabbed a sandwich. Our reload was back in Kentucky, so off we headed North. Fog and rain, temps were good. Into Tennessee, the temps dropping, still drizzle and fog. Best part we got to sop and have supper with the kids, a surprise for them, fun for us. Woke up to fog and drizzle, no surprise there! The roads were good, so off we go to pick up our loads, we got loaded and made it all the way back to Iowa before the weather turned bad. Thank goodness!!!

So after unloading this morning and getting back to our terminal, the roads were slushy in spots and snow packed in spots, we picked up our next load and headed for home. Just stopping by to pick up some things and head out in the morning.

We'll be heading south again into warmer weather and leaving before the next storm blows in. And on the way back we'll stop by the kids for Christmas and a few days off. Looking forward to that. Have some fun family things planned, baking cookies to leave for Santa for one, giggle. Not being the bad weather driver that hubby is, I have really had a pretty good week and endured with a minimum of stress, Thanks to him. I was really hoping for a mild winter, giggle.

I hope you have all had a Great week, have been warm and safe, and are gearing up for your Holiday Gatherings.

Thanks to all who stop by my blog, even though sometimes it's not very interesting. And I love your commemts! Like I said before, it makes me feel I have contact with intelligent life form. Consider what I sometimes have to compare it to! Giggle.

Check back often, nexst week I will have more atime to post.

Until then....................................Warm hugs

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Woo Hoo A Package at My Door!!

Happy Saturday! A little warmer out this morning, but it means some rain coming in and then colder temps and snow.

I was up early this morning and off to the store. Got that taken care of and upon returning home but what did I find on my back door?! A package! Seems as thought the elves from down the road had visited my house. OMGosh, what a Great package I found. The cutest little snowman plate and the most adorable ornie. The little ornie is a lollipop made from needle punch, how clever is that! I'd like to Thank that elf from down the road, PammyJo, you are the best! Check out the pics of my goodies. And I'm also posting pics of my snowman runner completed, yes I said completed and my gingers. Aren't they cute, I just love em.

Hope you are all having a Great day. I'll post more later.

Until then........................Warm Fuzzy Hugs

Friday, December 12, 2008

Express Update

I can't believe I didn't have time for a post all week!! Well, it's been a busy week. As you know we headed south, Florida to be exact. An uneventful trip down and the weather was of course nice when we got there. So, we unloaded and waited for a load. Hubby was sent to north of Atlanta and I was sent to the west side of Georgia. Off we went, I had planned my stop for about halfway to my reload point as there were not many places to stay and nothing in the town I was going to. Made it there, and it had started raining, then thunderstorms and lighting and downpours. Next morning it's still raining, I'm off towards my reload point and it gets worse. The wind is blowing, things flying in the air, little twigs, leaves and other debris on my truck, water on the roads. Just great, hubby calls and says how ya doin', I say ok I guess, my tractor is in the left lane and my trailer is in the right lane, he says well you're doin' ok then, giggle. Oh, I made it there and got loaded, it stopped raining and the sun came out. So<>
Well, we're home now. It's cold here, but suppose to warm up and rain, then turn to snow Sunday evening. We don't leave until Monday afternoon, so hopefully it'll be better by then.
I have a couple of pics I'll post tomorrow. Hoping for a productive day tomorrow.

Until then........................Warm Hugs

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Southbound Express

I'm keeping with the Express theme for a while as my grandkids think it's cool, giggle. So we are in the south. We slipped out of town before the bad weather got there, Thank goodness. So while it's snowing and blowing and cold back home we are in the southern part of Georgia and the temp was 70 degrees when we stopped. For those of you who are in the cold and snowy weather, I'm not rubbing it in, but I'm loving every minute of it, giggle. If it makes you feel any better, we will have to turn around and head back north where it's cold.

We will unload in the morning and then wait for a relaod and head back in a northerly direction. Back into reality. I have some things with me to work on if I get a minute. Some things I need to work on when I get back home, whenever that might be. And I'm in the mood to make another quilt.

I'll be popping around to other blogs to see what you all have been up to. It also makes me feel I have contact with other intelligient life form, giggle. Now that I'm ginger ornies are done I'm looking for inspiration for what to make next. Inspire me!

Until then.........................Prim Blessings

Sunday, December 7, 2008

An Express Stop

The Express has parked for a couple of days. Nice to be home, but as always it's too short of a stay, giggle. Seems I just get things sorted out and get ready and it's time to get going again. I've taken advantage of my time here to relax. Nothing exciting on the homefront, the usual domestic goddess chores, laundry, cooking, fa la la la.

A snow flurry every once in a while outside, still cold. The kind of cold that goes right through you. Hubby says tomorrow it's suppose to rain, so that means it will have to warm up! We'll be headed out tomorrow, to warmer weather. I'll finish what I can today and then get everything ready for travel.

I don't have much today, but wanted to pop on and post something. I'll be visiting others and leaving a comment here and there. Love reading everyone's posts and Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment.

As the Express gets ready to pull out, I'll be posting in a day or so.
Until then............................................Warm Hugs,

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Frozen Express!!

OMGosh it's cold!!! I think the temp right now is about 12 degrees. Last couple of days have been cold, cold, cold and yucky weather. Yesterday around Kansas City we ran into snow and crappy roads. Then woke up and looked out at 4:45 this morning and it was snowing! So needless to say the roads weren't all that great. And all this bad weather has had me thinking about my BIL (you know which one you are), He started a new job a couple of weeks ago and part of his job is snow removal. Just wondering if he put his expertise to use, giggle. Well we made it through and all is well. We are still in Minnesota and will reload in the morning and head back for the home terminal. And maybe home for a day, I can only hope. The girls need a bath and I have some sewing to do, giggle.

Hoping you all are warm and safe.

Until the Express rolls in again..........Warm hugs

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Express Rolls On

Happy Tuesday! Greetings from the Ginger Man Express........as we merrily roll on, giggle.

We unloaded yesterday in Texas. Hubby had to go to Houston for a reload and I had a load to pick up in Ft. Worth. So off we went. I picked my load up yesterday afternoon and headed back to the truck stop and am waiting for hubby to come back by and we'll head north to Minnesota. We both deliver in the upper part of Minnesota on Friday.

So I've been working on the little Gingers while I wait. I am posting these pics of the progress. And of the Ginger Queen, giggle. Ha, Queen she's not, she's a thief! Everytime I turn my head she takes one and tries to hide it in the kennel. And it's not just her, it's her sister too! and they look so sweet and innocent, giggle.

The weather is in the 50's, but it's a cool 50. The wind has been blowing strong for the last couple of days and it's almost bone chilling. Very chilly for the south.

Hope you all are having a Great week.

Until the Express rolls in again.................Prim Blessings