Friday, December 19, 2008

Where oh Where

Where oh Where has the Express been? Over the snow and thru the fog! We started out the week with snow, the roads were patchy covered. Tuesday morning and we were off again the roads were much better, thru Illinois, into Kentucky where they had some snow and don't normally get much so they aren't the greatest about cleaning the roads. but we endured! Into Tennessee and drizzle and light rain, but the temps were good. On into Alabama, the temps were rising the rain was increasing and the fog was thick. We unloaded on Wednesday morning in Alabama, hubby had a second drop, so I made my way to a truck stop and fueled up and grabbed a sandwich. Our reload was back in Kentucky, so off we headed North. Fog and rain, temps were good. Into Tennessee, the temps dropping, still drizzle and fog. Best part we got to sop and have supper with the kids, a surprise for them, fun for us. Woke up to fog and drizzle, no surprise there! The roads were good, so off we go to pick up our loads, we got loaded and made it all the way back to Iowa before the weather turned bad. Thank goodness!!!

So after unloading this morning and getting back to our terminal, the roads were slushy in spots and snow packed in spots, we picked up our next load and headed for home. Just stopping by to pick up some things and head out in the morning.

We'll be heading south again into warmer weather and leaving before the next storm blows in. And on the way back we'll stop by the kids for Christmas and a few days off. Looking forward to that. Have some fun family things planned, baking cookies to leave for Santa for one, giggle. Not being the bad weather driver that hubby is, I have really had a pretty good week and endured with a minimum of stress, Thanks to him. I was really hoping for a mild winter, giggle.

I hope you have all had a Great week, have been warm and safe, and are gearing up for your Holiday Gatherings.

Thanks to all who stop by my blog, even though sometimes it's not very interesting. And I love your commemts! Like I said before, it makes me feel I have contact with intelligent life form. Consider what I sometimes have to compare it to! Giggle.

Check back often, nexst week I will have more atime to post.

Until then....................................Warm hugs


Char said...

Wishing you safe travels and lots of holiday cheer!

basketsnprims said...

I'm glad you will get a chance to spend some time with the kids, Bren. Stay safe and warm.


Karen said...

Hi Bren, good to hear from you again....I love the updates on your travels.
You sure had some rotten stuff to go through.
Glad you are getting some down time with family.
I just don't know how you do the over the road! Bless you.
Hugs, Karen

Richard said...

I know your talking about me also when you say intelligent life forms.Just remember if you slide off and go boom you still got your broom.BIL