Sunday, December 7, 2008

An Express Stop

The Express has parked for a couple of days. Nice to be home, but as always it's too short of a stay, giggle. Seems I just get things sorted out and get ready and it's time to get going again. I've taken advantage of my time here to relax. Nothing exciting on the homefront, the usual domestic goddess chores, laundry, cooking, fa la la la.

A snow flurry every once in a while outside, still cold. The kind of cold that goes right through you. Hubby says tomorrow it's suppose to rain, so that means it will have to warm up! We'll be headed out tomorrow, to warmer weather. I'll finish what I can today and then get everything ready for travel.

I don't have much today, but wanted to pop on and post something. I'll be visiting others and leaving a comment here and there. Love reading everyone's posts and Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment.

As the Express gets ready to pull out, I'll be posting in a day or so.
Until then............................................Warm Hugs,


basketsnprims said...

Glad you have a little break, Bren. We are buried in snow here, but it has finally quit & the sun is shining ~ Yeah. Have a great week, my friend.

~ Pam

Char said...

Hey girlie....glad you have some time to relax...I bet all that travel time can just make you long for the coziness of home every now and again?!...Relax, collect yourself, and enjoy only the comforts that home can give you!

Robin said...

Hello ..I'm so glad you stopped by my Blog !! Wow, truck driving hubby drove truck for Werner for a short was tough with 5 kids and him on the road for 6 weeks at a time....He hated it, i hated it..... He is a welder now, but I would have loved to own our own truck and be on the road when the kids got older.....
I was admiring your primitive notebook covers !! I love them !! Do you sell them ?? I would love to buy a few if you do .....
Have a great week !!!

Karen said...

Bren, glad you got to be home for at least a short while - does it look familiar? LOL

Snow here too and much more coming this week!



Miranda said...

Woot for going to warmer climates. The boys can't wait to see pics of where you go. Think Connor is already addicted to blogging, always wants to look at Yaya's pictures...hehe