Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time Marches On

And March is about to march out. Tomorrow is a brand new month, and April 1st. Do you play April Fool's jokes? We used to, but not so much anymore.
Our warm weather is not so warm anymore. It's blustery outside and the temp is falling. Maybe a snow flake by morning. But, I will not complain, we are not enduring what they are dealing with in Fargo, ND. I do hope for the best for them.
I have no pictures today, I feel bad. But, tomorrow will be different. Full of Surprises! You'll want to check back to see what I have in store. No Foolin'.
I've been visiting some of my favorite blogs, dropping comments here and there. I wanted to share with you one of interest, over at www.kankerdoodle.blogspot.com , she is going to make a wool throw, month by month, and share her progress month by month. She invites us to join her. She posted a pic of the throw on her blog, I love it, love the whole pic. So I'm thinking....do I need to start something else? No, but how fun to do something with someone. I just need wool. So, I'm debating. Go on over and check it out.
Have a Great evening, and create memories.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Wow, the week has flown by! And I have not been very good about my posting.
So, to catch you up. I've been finishing some Spring cleaning, trying to take advantage of this time off. Yes, still laid off, and probably till next month.
I have to admit..........when you work all the time, you want to be home because there is so much you want to get done, but, not that I'm bored, but I miss the traveling! I didn't realize I did. We're never happy! So I keep telling myself, enjoy this while you can.
I took the quilts to the quilt lady and have finished up some UFO's that I posted in an earlier post. I have a few more to do, and a quilt I need to put the binding on. I've told myself not to start any thing new until all is done, lol. Like that's going to happen! But I'm trying really, really hard.
Our warm weather is getting colder. And the weather man says we will get snow tomorrow, 4 to 6 inches! I know it will melt the next day, but still. I'm just so ready for Spring!!
I hope you all had a Great week.
Keep Creating memories.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finishing Out the Week

Good Sunday Morning. A cool wet morning here. We had a little rain shower, and I thought the weather man said no rain today. I finished out the week finishing up some projects. I had this pile of things that needed minor finishing touches to be done.....................and now I'm done.

I made another bunny pillow like the one I had on my header, it's just a smaller version. And 3 pinkeeps, I really like the quaker cross stitch one, it turned out nice. My addiction to pinkeeps seems to be getting worse, lol. I look at everything and think, pinkeep?

And these bags I finished. Well, except for the blue one, see the pins? I need to stitch the handles on, but wanted to include it in the pic. And I need a button. The little bags are some of my favs to make. They are so prim and functional as well.
It looks as if it will be quiet day here. A roast in the crock pot for supper. Hubby will be involved in the Nascar race and pre-race shows. I have some things to work on to keep me busy. What are your plans for the day?
Have a Super Sunday and Create Memories.
Hugs, Bren

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Here!!!!

SPRING that is! And I welcome it even though it's only in the upper 20's this morning. Just knowing that warm weather is coming in the next few weeks instead of months is uplifting in itself. The weather man said in the 50's today, yippee! A few pics to share this morning.

Prim Easter coasters I made. They are backed with homespun.
Daffodils, my favorite Spring flower. These aren't real, but add a bright spot to the little corner where I sit and craft.
A little Spring chick penny rug. I love this little chick!
Not sure of my plans for the day. Have things to do , but not sure which direction I will go.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. I love your comments, so be sure to leave one.
Have a Super Spring Day and Create Memories!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Creativity, Inside and Out

What a Great day! Fresh air and sunshine always does a body good. I spent some time working in the yard, picking up small sticks and raking some leftover fall leaves. So, I was creative cleaning out the flower beds and grooming the yard. And you feel good after you finish, just knowing its ready for Spring when it arrives.
Now I can work on something creative inside. I have a small pile of things to finish and something to start. So I can keep busy the next couple of days. I don't think our weather is going to stay this warm, not cold, but more normal temps.
Were you creative today? What did you work on? Hope you had a Great day, too!
Create Memories!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pics to Share

I told you I would post pics.......... and here they are!

Here is "my" bunny pillow. I designed the pattern. I did make the one in my header photo, but that is NOT my design.

And my Spring chick, I designed this pattern also. I thought I needed some little chicks with my eggs and bunnies.

Look at all those wool pennies!! A friend from Canada needed a little help while we were on vacation in the Islands. I was able to help her out and as a Thank You she showered me with wool pennies. I am so excited, and can't wait to make something. Stop over and check out her blog and Etsy Store @ http://www.pennyrugsandmore.blogspot.com. Thanks again Colleen!

I made the little hare, you also saw this the other day posted on my blog. While making chicks I designed this Spring Chick Pinkeep. And the coaster is my design as well. I used wool for the carrot and it's backed with green check homespun

Just a closer picture, so you can get a better look at detail.

Ooppsss, LOL! Looks like this little Chick snuck in on me again.
Ok, now you've seen some of my latest goodies. Having this time off has been good for me creatively. Thanks for stopping by, Please leave me a comment, you know how I Love to hear from you.
Oh Yeah, one of the above items in the pics will be in a give a way in the near future!
Each day Creates a Memory.

Spring A time to Grow

Good Morning Friends!! It's shaping up to be a beautiful Spring day, weather man says temps close to 70!! WooHoo! I'm so ready. The weekend wasn't so bad, weather was warm and seemed to help my creativity flow. As Spring is a time for all things to grow, it's time for me to grow as well. Follow me as I spread my wings in the creative world. I'm not ready to tell everything just yet, but I hope to inspire you along with me.
As I sit here typing I realize I forgot to take pics of somethings I made this weekend. I'll take them and post a little later. You'll want to be sure to check back and take a look. One of the pics just might be of something I'll be offering in a Spring Give-A-Way!!
Have a Great day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hare it is!

I finished my little bunny or hare, which ever you think. I sort of like him. I think I'll make a few more to fill a bowl or basket.
I did organize my sewing corner today. So another thing from my Spring cleaning list to cross off. I have a couple of little fabric bags to sew, will try to work on them tomorrow, and post pics when I'm done.
Just wanted to post the pic, I said I would if I liked the end results. I have a couple of other things I want to try, just need to draw the pattern.
Tell me what you think. I love comments.

It's Thursday and A Few Pics

It's Thursday already. Where has the time gone? It's cold today, but the weather man says it will warm up. I'm still looking for Spring around the corner. My back is finally feeling more like it's back to normal. Not sure if I told you last week or not, But we were laid off from our jobs. Both of us. This is only to be a temporary lay off, not sure when we'll return to work. Thinking maybe next week. I've taken advantage of the time off and tried to do some Spring cleaning. I've finished the closets and major dusting. Whew! And I've tried to do a little crafting.
I've finished Tulip Time a freebie offered by Betty at http://www.primitivebettys.blogspot.com/ . It was fun to stitch up and kept me thinking Spring is on it's way.
The bunny pillow is one I did a while back, it's one of my favorites. And I tend to leave it out, not just during the Spring time.
An old ceramic roaster I filled with grungy easter eggs, my chocolate bunnies, and fabric carrots sits in front of a little quilt top I made. And the basket of ivy, I made the basket a long time ago, but it too is one of my favs.
I have a few more things I'm working on. Some bunny bowl fillers. I felt creative yesterday and drew a little bunny on some muslin, stitched it up and am now making it look grungy. If I like the results I post a pic later. And I'll organize a few things in the sewing corner today.
Hope you are all having a Great week. Until later.........

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simply A Saturday

Just another Saturday. A little cooler than the past couple of days and a light rain has set in. It was to be raining all day, so glad that it hasn't though. It's been dreary and cool.
After 3 visits to the chiro this past week I think my back is going to be alright. Just a little twinge every now and then.
You might notice some "New" little graphics on my side bar. I LOVE them! I searched and couldn't find what I wanted, so I called in a Pro. Jenn over at http://www.thevillagepeddler.blogspot.com/ is fantastic with graphics. I told her what Iwas trying to find and Wa Laaaaaaa! Thanks Jenn, your'e the best!
I've been stitching a little today. And of course the usual domestic goddess chores had to be done.
I'm sorry this isn't much of a post. Not much going on here today, but wanted to post something.
Have a Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday News & Finished Goods

Good Morning Blog Land Friends!!! I think I'm recovered from jet lag, lol. But, have been down in the back. I did something last Saturday, not quite sure what, other than bending over to pick up one of the girls. Anyway, I was in pain most of the weekend, hubby took me to the chiro first thing Monday morning, and found I had 2 collasped discs, YUCK!! Had a treatment and was sent home to lay flat on my back, not fun and I'm not a back sleeper! Went back yesterday and the chiro reset my rib, OUCH! Well, atleast I can breathe and it doesn't hurt now, but my back is so sore. I hope it gets better as time goes by, I do feel better than I did just not 100%.

I did finish some of the stitching I had been working on. All 3 are Stacy Nash designs, love her primitive cross stitch designs. The framed stitchery is a Skeleton Tree, lov it. Then there is Sarah's Hanging Pinkeep and Emma and her pony sewing roll. All stitched up fast. I have another one to start, maybe I'll work on it today while I'm still restricted on what I can do. No reaching up, and no pushing, pulling, or dragging.

The weather is warming up, already in the 40's this morning. And they say in the upper 50's maybe 60's. A few nice days, and rain in the forecast. then of course cold weather in the future. Where oh where is Spring? I've seen a robin in the yard, can spring be just around the corner?

What's on your plate today? Is it warm in your neighborhood? What are you crafting?

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. I love your comments, so don't forget to leave one so I know you were here. Comments always make my day!

Prim Blessings