Sunday, May 31, 2009

Make the Most of Your Weekend

It's been a short weekend, a 34 hour break, so you make the most of the time you have off. Up early yesterday, the girls needed a bath and a trim. and I always get a bath in the process, lol. More like a pre soak, lol. But, now they are clean and pretty, trimmed and smell much better. Laundry had to be done and all the towels from the baths and showers. It is so nice to be home and have your own shower. Most of the truck stops have showers, some are very nice and some I would NOT even begin to think about going in. So when are home we really appreciate our own bathroom and comforts of home.
I decided to just work on laundry and catch up on computer when a phone call changed my mind for me, lol. A cookout around the fire was planned. Off to the store for some supplies. You see, my hubby's little brother decided to fry fish(which is excellent) but he does this at their older brothers house. So between the three of them plans were made, now my SIL was at work and knew nothing about all this, so since no one really had time to fix anything we decided a trip to the deli was in order. I stopped by SIL's work to let her know our plans, then picked up the extras we needed. It all turned out well, good food, laughter, and relaxing.
Today, I will water my flowers outside, take the clean laundry and put back in the truck, as well as the few groceries I picked up while I was at the deli. And this afternoon I will head out. I will make my way to my unload destination for morning. I'll get as close as I can and still have a place to stop for the night.
I did get a "new" wool candle mat pattern and hope to do a little work on that before I have to take off.
So, that's how my weekend is going. How is your's? Enjoy your day, whatever you do.
As always, I Love your comments and look forward to them.
Hugs, Bren

Friday, May 29, 2009

An Apology

I first must apologize, I did not post at all this week!! I told you I would give you a glimpse into my life as a professional driver. And I meant to post a few times to keep you updated, didn't work, did it. LOL. And I wanted to take pics along the way, that didn't happen either.
Ok, so here's what my week has been like.........
Started out on Tuesday morning, left home and headed for the terminal. It's an hour and half drive to the terminal. Meanwhile, hubby was delivering his load up north. I picked up paper work, a few new straps and all that stuff. Our loads were ready early and we actually got out of town by noon. Ok, so we are Southbound and down! Stop for the night in Kansas, Dorothy's land. And it was storming! Not bad, but you always wonder in Kansas. Didn't sleep well, first night back in the truck. Early to rise and on the road again. Kansas and Oklahoma were both very green and pretty. And then into Texas. Traffic picks up as we get into Dallas, but we make our way through town and keep heading south. Our next stop was to get the trucks washed. We wash our trucks before we go to a job site, have to look presentable. We stayed just to the north of Houston. Up early again and off to the job site. Destination found and they unloaded us in a timely manner. No time to rest, time to call in for reload info.
Hubby goes farther south and I have to go back to the north. I get reloaded for Iowa and stop at a small truck stop to wait for hubby to catch up. After he was loaded and reached my location, we grabbed a quick bite and continued on north. Just inside the Oklahoma border was home for the night. No truck stop, this time a rest area, but nice grass for the girls to run and play in for a while. They were getting cabin fever I think, they played hard.
Up early this morning and back on the road. There's a little truck stop in northern Oklahoma we like to stop at and grab some comfort food. The ladies who work there take good care of us and we enjoy when we can stop and visit with them for a few minutes. With no time wasted we are back on the road. We try to keep our stops to a minimum and our time spent at the stops short as well. Too much time and it just makes the day longer.
And , so we arrived back home this evening.
Whew! I'm beat, how bout you? LOL. Both of us will deliver our loads on Monday morning. Hubby will get his truck serviced, his delivery is closer than mine. I will have to leave Sunday afternoon to be there first thing Monday morning and then beat feet it back to the terminal .
For the weekend, just the usual. A little laundry, relaxation, the girls need a bath and a trim and get ready to go again.
I will try to do better next week. We have a short run the first part of the week and then a turn around to the East Coast.
I didn't even have my computer out of the bag this week. I will play catch up and read your blogs and drop my comments here and there. I LOVE your comments, so please leave one. When I'm out on the road and do have time to pop on in the evenings your comments are a bright spot to my day. And I love to know who's been here.
Have a Great weekend!!!
Hugs, Bren

Monday, May 25, 2009

Can't Get Enough Rugs

Happy Memorial Day blogland friends. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. We sure did. It was busy and productive with some fun mixed in. After bringing the truck home, I worked on preparing it with all my comforts of home so to speak. And all of the girls' favorite toys. We'll be heading out in the morning. Once our loads are ready we will be heading south, so be sure to follow along with our travels. And I'll do my best with my posts.

We enjoyed cookouts with the BIL & SIL and sitting around the fire until the bugs moved in. The SIL and I enjoyed some girl time, and we've been falling behind in the deparatment lately. Just seems we have no time. And just sitting around visiting and catching up. There's a "New" baby due in the family, and found out tonight she's in the hospital. Waiting to hear more from SIL.

I packed a few crafty things to work on if I have time. It helps pass the time if we are waiting to unload. I finished my rug. I LOVE how it turned out. And like I said it's the biggest one I have made so far. It measures 21 3/4" by 33 3/4" and looks great in front of the TV. I packed supplies for some candle rugs, they are very portable and quick to pull out to work on. And work up very fast. So I'm ready if I have time.
Wishing you all a Great week! Don't forget to leave a comment. I love your comments and look forward to them.
Hugs, Bren

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Got The Call!

Good Morning Blogland Friends! Yes, I got the call. The call to go back to work. I have been laid off for three months, four if you count the month we were on vacation. I have gotten a lot of things done that were needing attention. Spring cleaning, sewing, finishing my quilts, almost finished my rug. Am I ready to go back on the road? Yes. I do enjoy traveling, even though my job is not a glamorous job, I love each new day and the adventure ahead. And yet, I have things I didn't get done! Do you know what I mean? Not important things, just little things, lol, it's a viscous circle. When your working you want to be home and when you're home you're ready to be back to work.
So my home will once again be my truck. The girls will be with me, and as always I'll take something along to work on. Gotta get that stuff together. And hubby and I will be traveling together once again. And I'll be on the lookout for interesting things to tell you about, so you can travel a long with me. If you've ever wondered what it's like for Professional drivers on the road, I'll try to give you a glimpse into that life.
I'll be working on getting ready, they have to call me and let me know they have my truck back. And when I get that call, it will be a busy day of "moving" back in, lol.
I hope you have a Great Day! Enjoy the sunshine, I know I will. It's going to be a beautiful warm, sunny day here. Wishing you sunshine and smiles.
Hugs, Bren

Monday, May 18, 2009

Majestic Beauty and a Princess

I got my pictures in the right place on the computer so I could share them! These horses are so majestic and regal. I loved all the little details on their harnesses, I couldn't get that close for a picture, but they were so neat.

Here they are all hitched up. They were going to the local ballfield for afternoon events there.

They are so well trained, all I kept thinking was "Gentle Giants". They just stood where they were put and waited.

This was inside the tent.
And of course the trucks.

And this is my baby. Today is her Birthday!!! Happy Birthday! Well, it will officially be her birthday at 7:41 p.m. and that's when she'll get my call. Like every year, lol. It's something I have always done. My Dad used to always tell me my birthday wasn't official until around 3 a.m., but he wouldn't call at that time, lol. So, I decided to tell her or call her at her official time and it's just been a tradition. Have a Great Day Princess!! You can stop by her blog at and leave her birthday wishes. Luv Ya Chickadee!
Good Day to everyone!
Hugs, Bren

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Passing Thru

Happy Sunday Evening blogland friends!! Hope you had a good day. It wasn't raining here today, that was a good thing. I would liked for it to be warmer and filled with more sunshine, but maybe in the coming week. The weather man said so! I'm going to hold him to it.
Hubby was home for a short time this weekend, just sort of passing through. When he left, I followed him to town. We went for a quick bite of lunch and a stop at the grocery store so he could restock his cooler. While in town, we discovered that the Budweiser Clydesdales were in town. We stopped by the parking lot where they had the BIG tent set up. Inside were the horses in their pens, along with their mascot dog. They took the horses outside and hitched them to the wagon, we watched and I even took some pictures. Well, I took those pictures with my Blackberry phone and then emailed them to myself. When I opened my email and downloaded the photos, they were saved to my Windows Picture Gallery. UGH! So when I went to retrieve the pics for this post, I couldn't get them. I will work on getting them where I can post them for you to see. They were beautiful horses to say the least and of course extremely large, lol. Anyway, I'm posting this with disappointment, as I wanted to post pics.
That was my day. How was yours?
Hugs, Bren

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Got Rugs?

Seems as though I'm on a roll with rugs of all kinds. I recently posted a pic of the crocheted rag rug I finished, gotta love those. they feel so good under your feet. And they look so perfectly prim! And, now, on to a rug I started quite a while ago. It's a locker hooked rug. Fast, fun and so relaxing to work on. Great therapy after a stressful day. And they too are great prim accents.
This is my basket of fabric strips for the rug. I love the colors all mixed together. It, too looks great just setting around.

And my rug. It will be the largest one I have made yet. Even though it is very easy to work on, the bigger it gets, the bulkier it is . Just means you have a lot more in your lap. I have made several different sizes, small rugs, table runners, hot pads, candle mats (LOVE those).

And here's my Penny rug. I posted a pic of some of the pennies the other day. Now, all the pennies are done and it's on to sewing them together. The mat it is on is a 12 inch square. It will Great almost anywhere!! Can't wait to finish it and find a place for it.
It finally stopped raining!! We got 3 to 5 inches of rain, creeks are out, the river is up, fields are flooded. It was water all around the house yesterday. Had to pick the girls up and carry them to a high spot in the yard when we went out yesterday. Needless to say they kept their outings to a minimum, they didn't like all the water. And it's cool, was in the 40's this morning, so cold and damp and the yard is soggy. But the water has for the most part soaked away in the yard. The sun is trying to peek out, although it's only to be in the upper 50's, maybe 60 today. Not going to warm up until next week. I need sunshine and warm weather, so if you have extra Please send it my way.
I started my day with a little cleaning, laundry, and set the oven to clean. I baked hubby a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie and it bubbled over (his Mother would have been proud, lol). He'll be home later this afternoon and we'll cook something on the grill for supper. The rest of my day has no set plans.
Hope you have a Great weekend. I'll be popping in and visiting your blogs and leaving a comment here and there. Please leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by. I love that you visit my little blog, although some days it's not very interesting.
Hugs, Bren

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gotta Love Rugs

I'm hooked on rugs! I just finished a rag rug. I had started it a while ago and then put it aside. Well, I'm finding this time off is good for getting things done. The rug is crocheted using fabric strips and a large hook. It's very easy and relaxing. I finished this one today and it now has a home in front of my treadle sewing machine. If you're interested in these rag rugs check out . They have kits you can buy, all you need are your scissors.
And, I'm also working on another penny rug. This one is larger than the last few I've made. I love working with these. Very portable, not a lot of supplies to carry with you. and they work up fast. The picture is of a few I have started for my latest rug. I can't wait to get it done. They are just awesome!
Our weather here was in the 70's today, a bit windy. But still nice. the weather man says rain tonight and tomorrow could be severe weather. Let's hope it's not too severe. My flowers could use a drink, so rain would be welcome. But not the winds and hail they say might come with it.
My day was busy with making sure everything is done here in case I get the call to go back to work. Thinking it won't be too long. And, I'm ready at a moments notice. Well, almost, lol. My bags are packed and centrally located for easy access, lol.
What's on your craft table? Be sure to leave me a comment, I love to know what everyone is working on. I love comments!! I'll be visiting your blogs and leaving comments here and there. Hope you had a good day and the rest of your week will be a good one.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day in the Garden

Happy Mothers Day!!! I hope you all have a Wonderful day. It's a cool morning here, but atleast it's not windy like yesterday. I do think it's to be a nice day, no rain anyway.
This year I put in a Perrenial Garden, a small one as I had this little bit of space to do something with. And there were iris' there already, so I just added too that. I took more pics of my outside flowers, but for some reason they weren't on my card when I went to download them. The card may have been full and I didn't notice. So I'll take more again later.
I finished my flannel quilt!! It didn't take long to sew the binding on. I have the binding on my pink quilt and will work on it next. I hope to have it done before I get called back to work, hubby seems to think it won't be long. He will leave out later today with his load, but atleast he will be here for part of the day.
Enjoy your day what ever you do.
Hugs, Bren

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Princess and The Quilt

Good Evening, it's a nice evening here, temps are in the upper 60's. It has started raining and I'm happy for that as my flowers needed a drink. I did water, but there's nothing like a nice rain shower. Relaxing to sit here and listen to the rain and thunder, the lights did flicker a couple of times, but no severe weather.
Thought I would share a few pics with you. Here's Miss Sofie, relaxing by hubby's chair. I think she's wondering where he is.
And here's the Princess! Miss Maile has every toy from the basket drug out, if only she would learn to put them back. But she has fun. They both are really good little dogs. Still a bit puppy, running and tearing through the house in the early evenings. Completely housebroken, the best little lap dogs in the evenings.
And here's a couple of penny mug rugs I finished. I'm working on a larger one. I just love wool pennies!
Do you remember a while back I posted a pic of my flannel quilt top? Well, I took it to the quilt lady to be quilted, she does a Great job!! It will be so warm and cozy in the winter months.
Here it is laid out on the floor. I have one side of the binding pinned and have started the hand stitching. It really shouldn't take too long to finish it.
I wanted to take pics of the flower beds, but didn't get it done before it started raining. I'll try tomorrow. I'll have to get someone to come and water when I get called back to work. Or all that work I put into getting them done will be quickly gone.
I've been visiting some of your blogs, leaving comments here and there. I love seeing what you all have been doing. Be sure to leave me a comment, I love to see you've been here and reading your comments.
Have a Great evening.
Hugs, Bren

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Monday in May

Happy Monday!! It was a good day, weather was warm although a bit cloudy until late afternoon. I worked outside most of the day. Over the weekend while hubby was home he helped me get the edging around the flower beds, and I worked the soil. I used one of those claw thingys, lol. I think that's what it's called. You stick it in the dirt and turn and it work the soil up. Well, it's my sister in law's, anyway, I borrowed it and worked all my flower beds. Today I planted flowers, after I worked the dirt a bit more. It looks so nice, sorry I was too pooped to take pics.
I had the girls outside with me. Now they still are on leashes, still a bit in the puppy stage, and quite the social butterflys. So, I put their leashes on them, but let them have a bit of freedom by just dragging them around. I keep telling them I don't want to have to use a leash forever, lol. They did pretty well, I only had to bring back in range a couple of times. I keep a close eye on them as we live right by the highway, but they did good. So a good day for them as well.
Hubby left yesterday for his destination. He successfully unloaded and got reloaded all today. So he had a good day, too.
I'm still waiting on the call to go back to work. Waiting keeps me from getting involved in things too much, I know if I do that call will come and then I'll be fretting over something I've started and won't be able to finish as soon as I would like.
Tomorrow will be another busy day. I'll clean house and make sure all is in order should I get the call. My bag is packed and ready to go, lol.
Hope you all had a Great day.
Hugs, Bren

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sharing, Smiles, Special Friends, and Sunshine

Happy Saturday! I wanted to share some of our recent pics. But, first I want to wish my Friend Pammy Jo a Happy Birthday!!! It's her day today and I wish her a fun filled day. Drop by to leave her a birthday wish.

And some pics from our recent Talladega trip. If you are a Nascar fan, and I mean a fan you are familiar with the Nascar Channel on Sirius Radio. The man in the picture above is "The Godfather" of racing, so they call him. His name is Dave Moody and he hosts the afternoon radio show. We enjoyed our afternoon of visiting with the gang at the MRN trailer.
And if you watch Nascar, you may recognize the man in the pic above. It's Jeff Hammond and we are in the Hollywood Hotel. Hubby had met Jeff a few years ago. We had a Great time with everyone there, Chris Meyers, Jeff, and hubby's friend Ben. Thanks Ben for everything!! We look forward to seeing everyone at another race in the future.
Now for the sunshine. Please send sunshine my way!!! It's been cloudy and on the cool side for several days. Everyone needs 10 minutes of sunshine a day and I have been deprived the past few days, so if you have any extra sunshine I could use it.
A quiet weekend here, hubby is home but will leave out tomorrow. I will go to the "Pigeon Show". It's a big flea market sort of thing. I' ll be looking for some things to use in decorating my yard. You never know what you'll find.
Hope you all have a Great weekend.
Hugs, Bren