Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sharing, Smiles, Special Friends, and Sunshine

Happy Saturday! I wanted to share some of our recent pics. But, first I want to wish my Friend Pammy Jo a Happy Birthday!!! It's her day today and I wish her a fun filled day. Drop by to leave her a birthday wish.

And some pics from our recent Talladega trip. If you are a Nascar fan, and I mean a fan you are familiar with the Nascar Channel on Sirius Radio. The man in the picture above is "The Godfather" of racing, so they call him. His name is Dave Moody and he hosts the afternoon radio show. We enjoyed our afternoon of visiting with the gang at the MRN trailer.
And if you watch Nascar, you may recognize the man in the pic above. It's Jeff Hammond and we are in the Hollywood Hotel. Hubby had met Jeff a few years ago. We had a Great time with everyone there, Chris Meyers, Jeff, and hubby's friend Ben. Thanks Ben for everything!! We look forward to seeing everyone at another race in the future.
Now for the sunshine. Please send sunshine my way!!! It's been cloudy and on the cool side for several days. Everyone needs 10 minutes of sunshine a day and I have been deprived the past few days, so if you have any extra sunshine I could use it.
A quiet weekend here, hubby is home but will leave out tomorrow. I will go to the "Pigeon Show". It's a big flea market sort of thing. I' ll be looking for some things to use in decorating my yard. You never know what you'll find.
Hope you all have a Great weekend.
Hugs, Bren


Karen said...

Morning Bren...oh yes, familiar with all of it.
We watched the Talladega race...and as always it was as exciting as expected.
How lucky to meet Dave!
Great pictures.
And sunshine is on its way girlie - I'm sending it to ya!

Bren said...

I'll be waitning on that sunshine, too. Thanks Karen!
Have a Great day!
Hugs, Bren

pammyjo said...

Hey! Looks and sounds like you had a ball. Nice pics. We watched the race and it was exciting as only Taladega can make it. I can't wait to see your quilts.

Robby said...

Love the pics Bren....I did notice that your husband is HOT!!!! (well that is what his pass says...hahahaha) Hey you and Karen could both come on over here and get funky hair with me. xxxRobby