Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Creative Drive or Driving Creatively

Why is it that I am the most creative when I'm driving down the road????? Seriously, I have ideas running through my head as fast I am driving sometimes! OMG, and then when I get stopped they are gone! Well, my friend told me to jot it down for later, LOL. Ok, I tried it, now remember I am driving along anywhere from 55 mph to 70 mph, she said even if it's squirrely you will know what you mean later, ROFL!!!! Love her for her inspriation and friendship, but she's a hoot. I can make out some of what I wrote and some looks like gibberish. Ok, then she said get a recorder and record your ideas, well now she's talkin. So, I have a voice recorder on my Blackberry, and it worked very well and was safer than trying to make notes, LOL. For the Love of God why didn't she say that first, LOL.

Home for the day. A little bit of laundry and that's about it. Hmmmmm, learned a New Spanish word this week. A word for little bit, po-ke-to or po-ke-ta, of course the spelling is not right, but sound it out you'll get the picture. Anyway don't remember which way it is, o or a. Anyone know spanish?

It was a good trip to Tucson, a couple of short nights and a couple of long days. I did get a few pics of the pots I mentioned in an earlier post. So I'll put them on here. And I ran through a swarm of honey bees! What was I to do??!!?? I felt bad, and I had pollen allover the front of my truck from the pollen the little bees were carriyng in their little baskets on their legs. Ok, they need to stay off the Interstate.

I changed a couple of things on my blog, and added some places I like to visit. Check out the web sites I added, like kmprimitives and pumpkin seed primitives, both are among my top favs. Both of those girls are an inspiration to me in a lot of ways.

My Riverbend Friends will be headed to Kansas City this week for the August Market. Best of Luck girls, sorry I'm not going!! They'll have a blast.

Oh, almost forgot.... we went through the chile Capitol of the world this past week!! Hatch, New Mexico. It didn't look like a lot, but there were Chile stands and Chile's everywhere. No place to pull off on the way down, and on the way back when we could have pulled off they weren't OPEN!!! Oh well, I don't eat chiles anyway, but hubby would have tried them, LOL.

Hope you all have a Happy Sunday!!!

Until we meet again.......Prim Blessings

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tucson Tonight

Made it to Tucson! I did try to get some pics today, it was too dark in Texas, too fast in New Mexico to get good pics of the pottery, and too many bugs on the windsheild to get good pics in Arizona. LOL! Well, of the ones I did get the first one is coming into Albuquerque and taking our exit for I25 south, and look how they paint the barriers like the southwest. I did get one of downtown Albuquerque and then one of some scenery in Arizona and one of a big spiny type cactus in the median.

Will unload in the morning, and then call dispatch to see what's in store next. Hope you all had a great day!!

Until we meet again......Prim Blessings

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday in Texas

Well, we had a day at home and then back on the road. A New week and we're back in Texas, Amarillo to be exact. I'll post a couple of pics. We are on our way to Tucson. It was 101 degrees coming across Oklahoma this afternoon, can't even imagine how hot it will be in Tucson. Tomorrow we'll be in New Mexico, I just love Albuquerque. I hope traffic isn't too bad so I can take some pics of the huge pottery in the medians as you come into town.

Ok, the pics I took today. We passed the same sunflowers as last week, but it was so hot they were all drooping. Not sure how well the pic is. They do everything big in Texas, a pic of the Rest Area, LOL, and the largest cross in the western hemisphere, and a herd of longhorns.

Enjoy your week, and check back for more pics later.

Until we meet again......Prim Blessings

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Greetings from Kentucky

I've been to Virginia and am now on my way back to Iowa, via Kentucky and picking up a load in the morning. So much for that, LOL.

I forgot I wanted to share something with you. I stopped in Iowa last week at the Grundy County Welcome Center. I have seen these barn quilts in Iowa before and fell in love with them. Anyway, I picked up a brochure about the barn quilts. Soooooooo........I want you to be able to see them too! You can check them out at and click on the barn quilt logo. It's pretty awesome. I want one, but no barn, LOL!

Ok, well, I have 2 quilts I want to get quilted. When I get home I hope to have time to take them to the quilting lady. And I have some sewing to get to. I bought some wool scraps this past weekend and have a New pattern for pinkeeps I can't wait to start.

I hope your week is going well. I hope to get a full day home this weekend!

Until next time.......Prim Blessings

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's a Texas Thing

Here I am again, late! We made it out of Texas, and headed north, then back south a ways, lol. Now we are headed to Virginia, again. I'm hoping next week is somewhere fun. And hoping to get home for a couple of days this coming weekend. I have sewing to do, can't be driving around all the time, LOL.

Not sure if had told you earlier that the navigator didn't go with me the week the truck was being worked on. He stayed behind with the truck to make sure it got fixed, lol. Well, we're back together this week. Good navigators are so hard to find. I think he's a keeper.

Ok, I did get some pics before we left Texas. I'm posting a pic of downtown Houston, one of the statue of Sam Houston himself,a herd of brahama cattle, although I'm not sure it's very good. Also one of downtown Dallas in the background with hubby in front of me, and a field of sunflowers in Kansas, again not sure how good it will be. And remember you can click on the pics to enlarge them and then click again to go back to the blog.

Hope you all had a Great weekend. Mine was spent on the road, lol. Enjoy the pics, leave a comment if you wish.

And until we meet again......Prim Blessings.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's a Texas Thing

Greetings Y'all! It's a warm one here in Texas. Can't believe it's Thursday already. We've delivered and are on our way to reload and then head north. Way up north, not to Alaska, LOL. Just Minnesota, lol. I haven't any pics of Texas, yet, to post. I'll try to get some before we get out of the state. I like Texas, just don't think I want to live there. We were in a part of the state where if you are in a car you can go 80 miles an hour!! Unreal. I've seen lots of deer, some longhorns I wish I could have gotten a pic of those for you and a camel. Yes, in Texas a camel, LOL.

Hope you all are having a good week so far.

Until next time......Prim Blessings

Monday, July 7, 2008

A New week, A New Adventure

Happy Monday to you all!!! It was a Great weekend. Finished getting last minute errands done today. And ready to take off tomorrw. This week, it's off to Texas. It's going to be hot down there I'm sure. But it was sweltering here today. In the upper 90's and humid. It's a drier heat in Texas.

I forgot to post a pic of my navigator, so I'm including it today. LOL!

Have a Great week.

Until next time......Prim Blessings.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

East Coast and Back

I am really not a good blogger, LOL! I haven't posted in sooooooo long, I'll try to do better. I promise.

This past week was a hurry up trip to Richmond, Va. and back. We left late Monday night and delivered first thing Wednesday morning. As we were getting ready to go on Wednesday morning to the delivery point and hubby ask if I was ready to go. Meaning did I have my log ready and my pretrip finished, I said......Ready, Set, Go!! LOL. It was a good trip even though it was fast. We're now home for the Holiday weekend. Normally in our area there are Fireworks and festivities, but with all the flooding in the area, most were cancelled. So we sat in our lawn chairs in our driveway and watched the neighbor's fireworks. One neighbor down the street had a pretty good display. Thumbs up to him.

I did take a few pics this trip. As we were going through Charleston, W. Virginia, I had a great opportunity to snap a pic of the Capitol building. It has the most beautiful gold dome. It was a pretty sight with the sun shining on it, the pic won't do it justice. And a self pic, lol. Just trying to see if I could do it. Hubby does it all the time and it turns out good.

We are getting together with family for our own fireworks show. Hubby's brother will entertain us with his own display, he usually puts on a good show. So Kudos to him. And I'm hoping to sew, and maybe get a few pics posted again this weekend.

I hope you all have Safe and Happy weekends. Enjoy the pics and Thanks for looking.

Until next time......Prim Blessings!