Saturday, July 5, 2008

East Coast and Back

I am really not a good blogger, LOL! I haven't posted in sooooooo long, I'll try to do better. I promise.

This past week was a hurry up trip to Richmond, Va. and back. We left late Monday night and delivered first thing Wednesday morning. As we were getting ready to go on Wednesday morning to the delivery point and hubby ask if I was ready to go. Meaning did I have my log ready and my pretrip finished, I said......Ready, Set, Go!! LOL. It was a good trip even though it was fast. We're now home for the Holiday weekend. Normally in our area there are Fireworks and festivities, but with all the flooding in the area, most were cancelled. So we sat in our lawn chairs in our driveway and watched the neighbor's fireworks. One neighbor down the street had a pretty good display. Thumbs up to him.

I did take a few pics this trip. As we were going through Charleston, W. Virginia, I had a great opportunity to snap a pic of the Capitol building. It has the most beautiful gold dome. It was a pretty sight with the sun shining on it, the pic won't do it justice. And a self pic, lol. Just trying to see if I could do it. Hubby does it all the time and it turns out good.

We are getting together with family for our own fireworks show. Hubby's brother will entertain us with his own display, he usually puts on a good show. So Kudos to him. And I'm hoping to sew, and maybe get a few pics posted again this weekend.

I hope you all have Safe and Happy weekends. Enjoy the pics and Thanks for looking.

Until next time......Prim Blessings!

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pammyjo said...

Get with it girl ... I check on ya! I get upset when theirs no word or blog. LOL Safe travels!