Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Day to Rest

After a busy week, a day at home to rest is much needed. All in all is was a good week. Even though the air conditioning in hubby's truck kept working and then not working and I had a problem with the exhaust getting too hot and giving me a red light. The temps in Las Vegas were in the 100's and hubby did have the air looked at while I went and reloaded, but it didn't fix it. He had problems with it all the way home. So, needless to say, bith trucks are going to the dealer on Monday morning.

I'm posting a few more pics. One is of the Echo Lake Reservoir, in Echo, Utah. It's the fullest we have seen the lake in a long time. And I'm posting pics of our trucks. Hubby drives the blue one and mine is the white one. I actually should be driving a blue one, but they didn't have a blue one, so had to go get one from the rental fleet for the time being. I eventually will be in a blue one too. We had gotten the trucks washed and stopped at a rest area, decided to take a pic of them while they still looked good, LOL.

I will be doing the usual domestic goddess duties while home today. Laundry, repacking and maybe a little sewing.

Next week will be a new adventure!

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