Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kansas City Market

The road trip was a good one. It was a fun and smooth trip here. I came down here with my friends from the shop down the street from me, Riverbend Friends. It's a cash and carry market for retailers only, and the first time for them to bring their wares and set up. After a safe arrival and unloading, we started setting up the booth. It took us the better part of the afternoon, but the booth looks awesome! The other exhibitors were walking around and several made comments they have the best booth there!

There are lots of purses, jewelry, potpourri, and greenery booths, but not anything like theirs. The goal is to sell EVERYTHING! And make more when we get back. It is what we love to do, LOL.
Well, all is ready for the show. Looking forward to a Great Weekend at the Market. I'll post more after the show tomorrow. And maybe more pics.

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