Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, Fabric, Floss, and Flying Away

Happy Friday! A cold but sunny day, temps I think were in the upper 20's and the sun felt warm. A short work week for the both of us, we are preparing to take off on vacation. To a much warmer climate. I'm so ready.....I'm not a cold weather person. And I don't enjoy driving in the bad weather. So a break will be welcomed. And maybe it'll be spring already when we return, lol. One can hope, right. So the preparations have been made for the trip, bags packed, the "Girls" (the dogs) have gone to the sitter. Or to "Boarding School" as hubby calls it. And we are ready!

I have been productive! The little pinkeep is a free pattern by The Sampler Girl for a group I joined. It stitched up very quick and I decided to make a little pinkeep, it could very easily have been framed and just as prim looking. It's stitched on Osnaburg. And the Scissors Case with the wool pennies on it was a very easy and quick pattern to stitch up. Not much, but something considering all the other things I got done domestically, lol.

Hoping you are all warm and cozy. Be sure to check back for pics of vacation......the destination is "Secret" for now.

Until Later....................Blessings

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simply Stitching, Stitch with Me

I'm so addicted to this prim sampler stitching! As soon as I get one done I want to start another. This is a Freebie pattern from . I love how it turned out. It stitched up so quick and easy, perfect for my Valentine tree. I stitched it on Osnaburg fabric, I love how primitive it makes it look, then stained and baked it awhile, stuffed it and made a hanger from strips of torn fabric. I attached the hanger using rusty safety pins, and added an old button to the front.

So what are you stitching? Grab your needle and floss, some fabric and a design and come stitch with me. It's so relaxing, and a great way to lift your spirits when you see the finished result. So, this made for a bright spot in my day.

I've been spending some time visiting blogs of other prim sisters, leaving a comment here and there. Checking on what's been happening in your days. And I've been visiting some "new" and interesting blogs. A "New" year and the making of "new" friends.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my sometimes not so interesting blog. Love your comments.

Have a Great Day. Until next time.............Blessings

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here Comes the EaSter BuNnY

Good Morning Blog land friends! It's a cold morning here, the temp said a BIG Zero, and I don't wanna know the wind chill. I'll just tell ya it's cold out there, thought I was gonna freeze taking the girls out this morning.

Since I was up before the crack of dawn I got busy on the BuNny project. Stitched up a few bunnies and started the stuffing process. I got so excited about seeing what they would look like when they were done, I went ahead and grunged one of them up. I think he turned out pretty good. Check out the pic. And that's Emma's Sampler I finished up last night. I'm happy with how it turned out, too. The BuNnY project is a free pattern I got last year from I never got around to getting to it. I should have after seeing how cute they are gonna be. And too easy to make. So, I'll finish up the others and then find something else.

Not planning on much today. It's too cold to go out. Tell me what you think about the bunnies. Have a Great Day!

Until next time...........BuNnY BlEsSiNgS

Friday, January 23, 2009

Find Me Friday

And you would find me at home. Today was a good day. a trip to town for the usual errands and a trip to the Chiro. Chinese for lunch from our favorite Chinese restaurant and back home.
I worked on finishing my sampler I was working on, stained it and framed it. I think it came out pretty well. Can't wait to start on something else. I think my project while I'm home is to be some bunny bowl filler ornies. And again this will be a team effort. I'll do my part the sewing and stuffing and hand them off to Team member #2 for her part in the painting. It's really a fun way to do it, she's not the sewer and I'm not the painter, but we both get what we want in the end. I'll post a pic of my Sampler tomorrow.
The weather is turning colder against my wishes. And maybe a little snow coming our way? Oh, how I wish it were over already.
Stay warm, dry and cozy until next time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day of History

Here we are, Tuesday already. We unloaded in Indiana this morning and hubby had to go to Michigan to pick up a reload and I headed back to the terminal. And in the morning we'll head back out for Indiana again. Atleast we know where we're going, lol. And it's not Maryland.
Today was a day for the history books. Our first African-American President took Office. I listened to it on the radio. Did you watch or listen to it? And what were your feelings? Truly a day to remember.
I'm going to work on my stitchery tonight. I want to get it finished and start another one. I've been looking for more patterns. I just love Stacy Nash's patterns. Do any of you know of others that I might like and need to go check out? Let me know.
How's your week going? Hope you have been creative and productive. What's your latest project?
Thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving me your comments. Makes my day.
Until next time.....................Blessings

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday and it's Snowing

Yep, again with the snow. We headed north this morning and even had a bit of sunshine. So much for that. We encountered a little freezing drizzle and then snow. It's still snowing, one of those we aren't supposed to get much but only morning will tell. Kind of bummed me out. I'm really tired of cold and snow, who isn't, huh? I'm truly a fair weather flat lander, lol. Just give me good weather and I'm fine, but cold and snow and I'd rather stay home warm and cozy and sew.
Anyway, we unload in the morning. Just down the road and then head back to the terminal for a load that goes to Indiana, turn around and head right back for a load that goes to Maryland. It snows alot in Maryland. Ok, so not looking forward to this next week. Cross your fingers for good weather for us.
Almost have my stitching done. Can't wait to start on something else. Hope you all had a Great weekend. We got to stop and see the kids for a short while. Made for a good weekend for us.
Until next time............Warm wishes and blessings

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Traveling Home

Good Morning all my blog land friends. It's a cold one here in Georgia again, woke up to 15 degrees, pretty cold for here. I know it's not as cold as back home though, and if you're in that cold weather, stay warm and cozy until it's passed by.

We unloaded in Seneca, S.C. yesterday. I posted a couple of pics of our trucks. And reloaded in Cartersville, Ga for back home. Took all day to get loaded though, hate that. On our way back north we'll stop and see the kids tonight. That's always a fun stop, for us and them. The girls love playing with the boys as much as they love playing with them. And the boys love to get in our trucks and talk back and forth to each other on the radios, lol.

While sitting to load I did have some time to work on my stitching. I'ts coming along nicely, maybe I'll get it finished while we're stopped.

All that time sitting yesterday made me think I need to "Prim my Pad", lol. Kinda like "Trick my Truck" only prim it up a bit. Not sure what I can do though, lol. For those who have never seen the inside of a big truck I'm posting a couple of pics of my traveling home. And it is indeed my home away from home. Driving a Big Rig is not a glamourous job by any means, and some times I don't like it at all. But I do love to travel and see the country, and I would not have seen what I have so far if not for this job. I sometimes wish for more time at home, with friends, and more time at my sewing machine. wonder how I could fit one in here, lol. But I do what I can, when I can, and make the best of it. I guess the best part of this job is getting to stop and see friends we have made all over the states, even if only for a short visit.

I hope you're off to a Great Saturday. I know we are. Leave me a comment if you have any ideas or suggestions for my making my home prim, lol. I love to know you stopped by and visited my little corner of blog land.

Until later.......................Blessings

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time to Stitch

We headed out Wednesday, after the snow had stopped and my trailer was loaded. Once we were out of town the roads weren't as bad as I had thought they would be. We made our way south and the roads cleared up after a relatively short way, Thank goodness. So today has been "just another Thursday". Sunshine was abundant, but the temps have been cool. Here in Georgia tonight it's 32 degrees, but going to get down to zero.

I have a little time tonight to work on my stitchery. I'm getting excited about getting it done and I think I'll frame this one. And I'm already thinking about what I will stitch next.

Not a very exciting post this evening, I apologize for that, but still am glad you come to visit and leave me a comment.

Have a Great Friday! Stay wam and cozy.

Until later.....................Hugs

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The View from my Window

Good Snowy Morning! The view from my window this morning is snow white. We left home last night to drive to the terminal since we live a distance away, thinking it would be better to be here with the trucks ready. So here we are, waiting for it to quit snowing and the roads to get in decent shape before we set out. My trailer isn't even loaded yet. I'm posting a few pics of what I see from my window. If you look close in one of the photos you'll see hubby's truck in the background, he's going over to hook his trailer. It's 7 degrees right now, earlier it was 14 degrees, so brrrrrrr. The snow is deep enough the girls had a hard time walking through it, so I had to trample it down a bit for them to be able to take care of business, lol.

I also posted a pic of my next cross stitch project. It's a Free pattern by Stacy Nash, you can get it over at Patternmart. and check out baskets n prims blog, she did the same one and has hers finished. And she is a very talented gal, check out her goodies shes made.

Hoping you all have a Great day! Whatever you do I hope it's creative, productive and warm and cozy.

Until later.............warm hugs

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stitch with me & A Giveaway

My latest creation. This prim stitching is addicting, but be warned cheater glasses and all you may go blind, LOL. Not really, but they are tiny little stitches. I'm loving it though, not sure how well I can do it in the truck. Maybe I can attach a book light to my hoop. Anyone ever tried that? Well, the lighting isn't always great in the truck, especially for tiny little things. I want more to do. this has a piece of fabric for hanging attached with rusty pins. Not sure you can see that in the pic, but a great idea for attaching the hanger.
And a Giveaway to tell you about! The Village Peddler is giving away a Custom Blog Header! I've seen her work and she's awesome, I've also known her most of her life, lol. Hop on over to her blog at to get entered.

Cold and Windy Tuesday

A very cold morning here, and below zero wind chills doesn't make it a pleasant day. I'm planning on staying in and keeping warm. I finished my little cross stitch I was working on, as soon as I'm finished with the staining and baking I'll post a pic. Now I want more patterns! but I'm having trouble finding a resource other than patternmart. Patternmart has some nice patterns, but most are Christmas and I'm wanting something springy or more everyday type. I really need to run to the store and get some linen to work on so my eyes won't be so buggy, lol. I've been working on the bag I had started, but the lining doesn't want to cooperate, so I put it aside for awhile again.
So, what are you working on? And are you knee deep in snow and frigid temps?
We leave out tomorrow for South Carolina, hoping to go south out of the cold and snowy weather and then head east. I'll work today on getting my goody bag ready to take with me.
Where ever you are stay warm and safe. Wishing you a productive day.
Hugs, Bren

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Simply Satisfying Sunday

Sunday....a day to rest and catch up. And that I did. I just dinked around the house, did a little laundry, worked on a few crafty things. Put a roast in the crock pot for supper. Yummy, the smell is intoxicating, lol. You know what I mean, as it's almost done and your taste buds taste it before it's even on your plate. And the girls got their bath, and as usual I got one in the process, lol.

I'm posting a few pics. One is of the mountain in Flagstaff, Az., as we were coming in to town from the west we could see it in the distance and the snow tops were beautiful. Hubby snapped the pic for me since my camera was not in reach. My new project I'm working on, prim cross stitch on osnaburg. Basketpam, suggested to give it a try. I like it, she just didn't tell me I'd go blind doing those tiny little stitches, lol. But I can't stop! My Valentine tree and the girls looking pretty.

We still don't know where we will be headed this week. Hopefully somewhere warm as it's going to get bitterly cold. By the end of the week it's suppose to be way below zero! I want to be way down south, lol.

Hoping you all had a Great weekend.

Until later........................Warm Hugs

Friday, January 9, 2009

Home Safe and Sound

Home again, Home again. How sweet it is. Well, I woke up this morning to SNOW!! That nasty white stuff. I waited until daylight and made my way into Chicago. Starting out the roads were just wet, no problem. Then a traffic back up and slush on the road, most of the way for the last 20 miles were at 5 to 15 mph. I was 2 hours in traffic. Since the roads were bad I guess it was a good thing we all had to go slow. I made it to my drop off point, unloaded and headed home empty. The roads were just wet by the time I headed out of town, I made it back to the home terminal and waited for hubby's return from Mn. He also encountered some weather issues, but mostly just wet roads. We unloaded our bags into the car and headed home. It's nice to be here, but I feel exhausted!
We don't know where we will be heading next. So will just relax a couple of days. I have an eye doctor appt. in the morning and a chiro appt. on Monday morning. I have a bag I was working on before we left and want to get back to it, need more interfacing so will pick that up tomorrow. And want to find that exciting next project to fill my goody bag with.
I have some pics of our last trip to get downloaded and posted for you. I will try to work on that tomorrow.
I want you all to know I really appreciate you stopping by my blog. And I so enjoy the comments. It's always a bright spot in my day.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Short Note

Happy Thursday to all out there in blog land. I'm back in the north, praying it doesn't snow until I'm empty in Chicago and back at the terminal waiting for hubby. It seems like it's been such a long week and it really hasn't. I haven't gotten much done on the stitcheries I brought with me. I guess I'm looking for something more exciting to work on. What are you working on? Inspire me.
Not much here, just driving. Hope you all have had a Great week so far.
Until later..........Warm hugs

Monday, January 5, 2009

Express Me to Vegas

Greetings and Salutations from Las Vegas. We started our journey here on Friday the 2nd of January, making our way south thru Illinois into Missouri on into Kansas. Saturday morning as we left in the dark and continued on we saw several falling stars out across the prairie, passed through Liberal Kansas, Dorothy's home and on into Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. We crossed into Arizona and did encounter some snow around Flagstaff, the roads not being too terrible we ventured on. Kingman was our stop for the night, We arrived in Vegas early Sunday, and relaxed until this morning and time to unload. Both unloaded with no problems, hubby has a reload for home and I'm still empty. So we continue to wait until morning and the possiblity of a load for me too. Time will tell. It's cool here in Vegas, only in the 40's today.
Hope you all had a Great weekend and may your week ahead be a creative and productive one. I have a stitchery I'm working on.
Until next time..............Blessings

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Did you all stay up to usher in the New Year? Not me, lol, don't usually. It always comes whether I'm up or not, so I just let it do it's thing. I'm not making any resolutions either, don't seem to be able to hold up to them. Someone else said they made promises instead, I like that idea so I think I might try that. I'll start with, I promise to be a better blogger.

With that being said, I've been trying to give my blog a facelift. The pic at the top as my header is of a few of my favorite things. An old trunk my Aunt had given me years ago and I had refurbished. Quilts I have made, baskets I have made, rugs I have made and a couple of pillows I stitched. But the pic doesn't fit the space, arrggghhh! Ok, so I still have to learn how to do this right, lol. Give me credit for trying.

I've been going through my stash and found a couple of stitcheries I want to do for Valentines day. A purse I've been putting off making, cause I thought it was too complicated, and I found the fabric I need to complete my rug. I'm posting a pic of the last rug I'm working on, just a couple of rows and it's done.

So nothing much here today. Doing my domestic chores in preperation of the Express pulling out in the morning. We'll be headed in a southwesterly direction.

Enjoy your day. It's a beautiful sunny, but cold start to the New Year here.

Until we meet again.......Blessings