Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The View from my Window

Good Snowy Morning! The view from my window this morning is snow white. We left home last night to drive to the terminal since we live a distance away, thinking it would be better to be here with the trucks ready. So here we are, waiting for it to quit snowing and the roads to get in decent shape before we set out. My trailer isn't even loaded yet. I'm posting a few pics of what I see from my window. If you look close in one of the photos you'll see hubby's truck in the background, he's going over to hook his trailer. It's 7 degrees right now, earlier it was 14 degrees, so brrrrrrr. The snow is deep enough the girls had a hard time walking through it, so I had to trample it down a bit for them to be able to take care of business, lol.

I also posted a pic of my next cross stitch project. It's a Free pattern by Stacy Nash, you can get it over at Patternmart. and check out baskets n prims blog, she did the same one and has hers finished. And she is a very talented gal, check out her goodies shes made.

Hoping you all have a Great day! Whatever you do I hope it's creative, productive and warm and cozy.

Until later.............warm hugs


basketsnprims said...

Good morning, Bren. It's freezing here, too. I think the stitchery you are working on is so cute & prim & I love freebies. Have a safe trip and stay warm, girlie.


pammyjo said...

I love your prim stitching it's awesome. I didn't see a free Stacy Nash over at Pattern Mart. I think I'm going to have to buy one of her darling patterns.