Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simply Stitching, Stitch with Me

I'm so addicted to this prim sampler stitching! As soon as I get one done I want to start another. This is a Freebie pattern from http://www.primitivebettys.com/ . I love how it turned out. It stitched up so quick and easy, perfect for my Valentine tree. I stitched it on Osnaburg fabric, I love how primitive it makes it look, then stained and baked it awhile, stuffed it and made a hanger from strips of torn fabric. I attached the hanger using rusty safety pins, and added an old button to the front.

So what are you stitching? Grab your needle and floss, some fabric and a design and come stitch with me. It's so relaxing, and a great way to lift your spirits when you see the finished result. So, this made for a bright spot in my day.

I've been spending some time visiting blogs of other prim sisters, leaving a comment here and there. Checking on what's been happening in your days. And I've been visiting some "new" and interesting blogs. A "New" year and the making of "new" friends.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my sometimes not so interesting blog. Love your comments.

Have a Great Day. Until next time.............Blessings


Aviva- Viviane said...

I like very much the colors you choosed !

Trudy said...

What a beautiful job you have done, I love the stitching and the colors.

I have downloaded the same pattern from Betty (I just love her) and am hoping to get into cross stitching now...that and punch needle. My goodness, there are not enough hours in the day!

Was cross stitching difficult when starting out? My eyes aren't great, but I manage to plug along with stitcheries, penny rugs and rug hooking, and I hope to add cross stitching to the list.

Love your blog,
Wooly hugs

Marianne said...

Love your finished primitivebetty's piece. Very nice idea to make it into a cupboard pillow.

Nancy said...

I love your stitched Valentine! And, a Valentine tree - what a fun idea. It sounds like stitching is as big a part of your day as it is mine. Isn't it wonderful!

Becky K in OK said...

Love the way you finished pb's valentine. I stitched it into a very simple pillow.