Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Traveling Home

Good Morning all my blog land friends. It's a cold one here in Georgia again, woke up to 15 degrees, pretty cold for here. I know it's not as cold as back home though, and if you're in that cold weather, stay warm and cozy until it's passed by.

We unloaded in Seneca, S.C. yesterday. I posted a couple of pics of our trucks. And reloaded in Cartersville, Ga for back home. Took all day to get loaded though, hate that. On our way back north we'll stop and see the kids tonight. That's always a fun stop, for us and them. The girls love playing with the boys as much as they love playing with them. And the boys love to get in our trucks and talk back and forth to each other on the radios, lol.

While sitting to load I did have some time to work on my stitching. I'ts coming along nicely, maybe I'll get it finished while we're stopped.

All that time sitting yesterday made me think I need to "Prim my Pad", lol. Kinda like "Trick my Truck" only prim it up a bit. Not sure what I can do though, lol. For those who have never seen the inside of a big truck I'm posting a couple of pics of my traveling home. And it is indeed my home away from home. Driving a Big Rig is not a glamourous job by any means, and some times I don't like it at all. But I do love to travel and see the country, and I would not have seen what I have so far if not for this job. I sometimes wish for more time at home, with friends, and more time at my sewing machine. wonder how I could fit one in here, lol. But I do what I can, when I can, and make the best of it. I guess the best part of this job is getting to stop and see friends we have made all over the states, even if only for a short visit.

I hope you're off to a Great Saturday. I know we are. Leave me a comment if you have any ideas or suggestions for my making my home prim, lol. I love to know you stopped by and visited my little corner of blog land.

Until later.......................Blessings


basketsnprims said...

Hi, Bren. Maybe one of your quilts on the bed, a couple of prim pillows? Anyway, have fun with the kids and a safe journey home.


Karen said...

Bren how cool....I've seen the inside of lots of rigs but oh how neat to see yours...quite cushy you know!!!!! Good for you.
Hey, if you Prim it up too good you might not want to mess it up with anything - don't get tooooo

I saw at Walmart they have these small sewing machines, not much bigger than a toaster...I was looking at them for my downstairs area - not so cumbersome. Look into it.

Stay warm. Have fun with the grandkids.
Hugs, Karen

Tolentreasures said...

My first thoughts were a homespun quilt and pillow shams!
Have a safe trip!


Boggy Creek Primitives said...

Do you drive that truck Bren???? I have always wanted to drive one of those! Knowing I never will, I've decided I want a CXT (in my dreams ~ could never afford one,lol). BTW ~ I've entered you in my Valentine give-away. Love your blog and am adding you to mine.