Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Did you all stay up to usher in the New Year? Not me, lol, don't usually. It always comes whether I'm up or not, so I just let it do it's thing. I'm not making any resolutions either, don't seem to be able to hold up to them. Someone else said they made promises instead, I like that idea so I think I might try that. I'll start with, I promise to be a better blogger.

With that being said, I've been trying to give my blog a facelift. The pic at the top as my header is of a few of my favorite things. An old trunk my Aunt had given me years ago and I had refurbished. Quilts I have made, baskets I have made, rugs I have made and a couple of pillows I stitched. But the pic doesn't fit the space, arrggghhh! Ok, so I still have to learn how to do this right, lol. Give me credit for trying.

I've been going through my stash and found a couple of stitcheries I want to do for Valentines day. A purse I've been putting off making, cause I thought it was too complicated, and I found the fabric I need to complete my rug. I'm posting a pic of the last rug I'm working on, just a couple of rows and it's done.

So nothing much here today. Doing my domestic chores in preperation of the Express pulling out in the morning. We'll be headed in a southwesterly direction.

Enjoy your day. It's a beautiful sunny, but cold start to the New Year here.

Until we meet again.......Blessings


Miranda said...

Great pic and the rug looks great. You could always send the pic to Jenn and see if she could put it in a header for ya...just an idea..and Happy New Year, didn't hae time to say it when Dad called earlier. :)

Char said...

wishin you a wonderful new year!

basketsnprims said...

Happy New Year, Bren. Love your picture, everything looks great. Sorry I can't help you, I have the same problem.


Karen said...

Hi Bren...happy New Year.
I just love all the wonderful handmade items in your header picture. These kinds of things mean so much more than purchased things.
I get the same thing when I put in a picture...I think if we take borders off of our template then it might work.
I think I will try it cuz all my pictures try and fit into the bordered area.