Sunday, January 11, 2009

Simply Satisfying Sunday

Sunday....a day to rest and catch up. And that I did. I just dinked around the house, did a little laundry, worked on a few crafty things. Put a roast in the crock pot for supper. Yummy, the smell is intoxicating, lol. You know what I mean, as it's almost done and your taste buds taste it before it's even on your plate. And the girls got their bath, and as usual I got one in the process, lol.

I'm posting a few pics. One is of the mountain in Flagstaff, Az., as we were coming in to town from the west we could see it in the distance and the snow tops were beautiful. Hubby snapped the pic for me since my camera was not in reach. My new project I'm working on, prim cross stitch on osnaburg. Basketpam, suggested to give it a try. I like it, she just didn't tell me I'd go blind doing those tiny little stitches, lol. But I can't stop! My Valentine tree and the girls looking pretty.

We still don't know where we will be headed this week. Hopefully somewhere warm as it's going to get bitterly cold. By the end of the week it's suppose to be way below zero! I want to be way down south, lol.

Hoping you all had a Great weekend.

Until later........................Warm Hugs


pammyjo said...

The girls look so darling. Love the cross stitch. I had a great Sunday too, only we had meatloaf and scalloped potatos and 3 cheese brocoli. Hug, :o) P

Karen said...

Hi Bren - nice that you got to stay off the road for the weekend....the girls were probably very happy too! And clean! lol
Boy, tell me about those tiny hles in tha fabric!!!

basketsnprims said...

Hey, Bren, glad you got a weekend off. Your girls are adorable as always. I forgot to mention I can't stitch on osnaberg, even with my cheater glasses on. I bought 28 ct. and it's still small but bigger than the other. Your's is coming out great. I'm addicted to that, so now I sew, stitch, weave. I used to cross stitch like mad back in the day but these cute little prim ones ~ ooh, I just love them. Have a great week.


Miranda said...

aww the girls look so purty, will have to show Jackson tomorrow, he will love seeing them. And your tree is so cute...much more creative than my little lights and hearts tree...we are still trying to decide what Connor's email is going to be (he can't make up his mind) as soon as we have it figured out I am sure he will be typing a few lines to you.

Bren said...

I really like this cross stitch, and now she tells me about using the 28ct. linen! LOL! And I am wearing my cheaters, lol.
The girls were really ready for their bath, one tries to climb in the sink if she's not first. Miss Pris she is!
Hugs, Bren

Miranda said...

JJ says they are pretty and fluffy! and He thinks Miley can't I have now been instructed to print the picture so he can have it in his room by his bed on the wall. :)

~Tonya said...

Such sweet little doggies. I am glad that you had a day of rest.....

I love the smell of roast. I love roast, mashed potatoes and gravy...yum.

Have a great week and stay warm.