Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Marches On

Here we are again, and again time has gotten away from me. I guess I have been busy. Let me share what has been happening since my last post and you decide for yourselves.
Ok, we had a little time off to refresh before heading out with the next load. And as always time is always to short, I never get all the things done I want to do. That can be frustrating to say the least.
We headed to the terminal on Tuesday morning, we had loads going to Phoenix, Az. Our loads should have been ready by about noon......but we didn't get them until late afternoon. So we had some miles to go, sort of play catch up. While we were waiting on the loads, I made a stop at my favorite quilt shop for some needle punch supplies. I was hoping she had gotten in the six strand punch needles, thinking I would have some time to try it out, nope they hadn't come in yet. Well, she's so sweet she let me take hers with me, and then I didn't get to try it out as I forgot to take an extra hoop, arrgghhh! So, will plan better this time.
We picked up the loads early evening and headed out, getting a couple of hundred miles behind us. A rest area was our stop for the night, but it's a nice big one in Missouri. Newly redone, large lot, nice grass for the girls and clean restrooms.
Up early Wednesday morning and back on the road, thru Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and in to New Mexico. We stopped for the night at Tucumcari, got a bite to eat and called it a night. We haven't been southwest for a while so the ride was interesting just looking for changes since the last time we were through the area. the girls aren't big on the southwest......not much for grass. And sand burrs, we deal with them everytime we go southwest, Miss Maile the Diva Dog thinks she has to have grass and Sofie doesn't really care either way, lol. So off to bed for the night. Morning comes too early.
Thursday Morning up and at it early again. Across new Mexico and into Arizona. We make our way to Flagstaff and then start south towards Phoenix. We head into town to Danny's Big Rig Resort, a nice place to stay for big rigs. A truck wash was in order, they had wash and dry them there, then we had the tanks and wheels polished. Looking pretty good now. We had a bite for supper and relaxed while all this was being done. Took the dogs out, it was dark by now, and Sofie got bit by a FIRE ANT, this was not fun. To make a long story short, I put toothpaste on it on the advice of someone who lives around there. It worked, but it was traumatic for both dog and me, and must have been very painful for her. Finally getting her settled down for the night we got some rest. Off the next morning early before traffic to our destination in town to unload. We unloaded and headed out of town for our reload.
We went north and west a ways for our reload to a small place called Bagdad, Az. A copper mine, out through the desert over the hills and winding around it was like a roller coaster ride getting there those last few miles. We loaded for home and were off.
Back across the same states we went down making a few stops along the way. We saw our Indian friends in Laguna, new Mexico , our friends in Oklahoma and finally back in the home area to unload and then a stop at home. A brief stop, laundry, a quick meal at home, sleep and off again this morning.
And what does this week hold in store...............the same thing we did last week. Going back to Phoenix. The same route, and close to where we were last week. Hubby has a friend in the Phoenix area, a friend he met at a Nascar race a few years ago, hoping to maybe get to see him for a day before heading back. Will have to see what happens.
I haven't had time to do much of anything this past few weeks, I have read your blogs to try to keep up, but no time for posting notes to you. I try to keep up with Facebook, but haven't even had much time for that either. Just driving, most days headed this way are 800 mile days.
I hope you are all well, happily crafting. The weather has been so cool and wet this year, hasn't felt much like summer here, think fall is coming early, and not looking forward to the winter. But time marches on and the days slip by before we know it.
Hugs, Bren

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Did I get lost???

I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I posted! Well, it's been busy to say the least, not even sure I remember everything I've done and everywhere I've been. So I'll just give you the highlights I remember.
Let's see, I did the moving thing a week and a half ago, well I did it again this last week. Yep, you read that right, I moved back into my old truck. I like it better anyway. And that's a long story, so we'll just leave it at that. Niece # 2, who is 10 was going with me this week and all started out well, she spent the night with us last Sunday, we were up early to leave on Monday on our way to Minnesota. Had a good day, got unloaded, back to the little truck stop, had supper, watched DVD's and a good nights sleep. Tuesday morning off to reload and meet up with hubby, and then headed back to the terminal. That was also the day I moved back into my truck, she was a BIG help doing that. And she played with the girls out in the yard at the terminal, they loved that. We stayed at the little truck stop there in town, had a shower, and ordered pizza for our supper. We went to bed, all was well until about 11:45 p.m. when she said Aunt Brenda I can't breathe very well. Hmmmm, ok, have you had this before or is your nose just stuffy? Nope she thought she needed to go to the hospital, ok, don't panic I told myself. I called her Mom, we were only an hour from home, Mom says hmmmmm I really think she's ok. Ok, so she call Dad and says can you come get me, well at about 1:20 a.m. she says she feels better, Thank God and Dad gets there at about 2 a.m.. She just wanted to go home, maybe a little panic attack going on there, but when you're 10 if you want to go home, you want to go home.
So, Wednesday we hooked our loads and headed for Boulder, Co. We hadn't been west in awhile, so the change of scenery was welcomed. We unloaded Friday morning, hubby had a reload out of Nebraska and headed for there, I went back to the truck stop and then headed for Nebraska myself. We met up and headed for home. He delivered this morning, we dropped trailers and came home. Home again, home again, jiggety jog. The girls were as dirty as little pigs so they have already had their baths and laundry is going. We are home a couple of days and then will be heading for Phoenix, again a welcome change of scenery.
I went to my favorite quilting store and my friend Kathy showed me how to needle punch like a pro, so I have been working on that every chance I get. She made it look so easy, but it helped me out just having her show me.
How have you all been???? I have missed being able to get on here and post and read your blogs. So I have some catching up to do! Most of all I've missed your comments, so make sure to leave me a note. I'll get some pics of my projects and post while I'm home.
Hugs, Bren