Saturday, February 28, 2009


After a long flight, we made it home. So nice to be here, you know that feeling you get after being gone a while and you arrive back home and walk in. Jet lag has set in. By the time we arrived home we had already been up over 24 hours. And then you need to unwind. After relaxing and unwinding it hits you. So it will take a few days to get back on schedule.
Today I will go get the girls and see if they remember me, lol. I'm anxious to see what they do when they see us. Will they remember, will they be mad, will they be ready to come home, lol?
And of course there is no food in the house, so a stop at the store is first in order after that. So with that I'll leave you for now. I'll post again later after I've returned .
Have a Great Day!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Departure Time Has Come

The time has come for us to depart and return to the real world. We spent yesterday picking up last minute items at the Aloha Swap Meet at the Stadium and saying our goodbyes to our friends there. We connected with our friends from San Francisco that arrived on Tuesday, having coffee and walking around the market place in Waikiki. A few last minute goodbyes and back to our condo to think about getting packed.
Now packing and hoping to not be overweight! And waiting for time to head to the airport. It's cool and very windy here today. But those winds will make for a nice tail wind on the way home helping to push us along.
I'm hoping the weather will be decent when we get there, not in the cold, cold, cold digits anyway, lol.
and so, We say Aloha Nui Loa to Hawaii.....until we meet again.

Aloha, and see ya back on the Mainland!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Countdown to Home

The time grows near for us to return to the cold and frozen tundra we call home. Am I ready? NO! But yes, does that make sense to you. I am not ready to leave the warm tropical weather, not ready to return to work and driving in the cold frozen weather, but I do miss the girls. I fear they will have forgotten me by the time I get back. I've called home to check on them, and I know they are being very well cared for. And of course you always miss your own home, it just needs to be here, along the beach, lol. So we will spend our last few days saying goodbye to our friends, eating one last time at the Shrimp truck and eating apple bananas one last time. Then we'll board the plane for the long flight back to the mainland.
I have no pictures to post today!! I did have, we're not sure what happened to them. I went to download them to the computer and it said the disc needed to be formatted again, and by doing that I would lose my pictures. Hubby tried to solve the problem, but I had no choice but to reformat it. Well it was no big deal, I had taken a few pictures of some of the different trees here on the Island. I thought you might be interested to see, but then again, maybe not, lol.
I took a little time to update my blog. I thought it was time for a different header picture. Well, since I didn't have a really neat one like some of you have (where do you get those anyway), I used one of my own. It won't be there long, lol. I'll search for a better one!
I hope you are all warm, healthy, and happy! Don't forget to leave me a comment, I love hearing from you.
Aloha................until we meet again

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just another day in Paradise

No real plans for our day yesterday, so we hopped in the car and set out for whatever struck our fancy. We stopped for breakfast at hubby's favorite place, McDonald's, LOL.

Makapu'u Beach, a favorite beach for the locals for Boogie boarding. You can see Rabbit Island in the background. and you might be able to see Turtle Island in the background to the left, so named because it looks like a turtle. Also where Turtle Bay is located.

A stop at my favorite beach, Sandys Beach. Also the beach where President Obama went body surfing. But I go for the relaxation, and looking for treasures. Our daughter and son-in-law will remember this beach. Son-in-law and I found lots of treasures when we were there.

The Byodu In Temple. Located in the Valley of the Temples. It's really beautiful. Peaceful and serene in it's setting.

The scenery along the way. this is actually part of Kualoa Ranch. Lots of activities to do on the ranch. Horse back riding, movie set tours and so on. The TV show Lost is filmed on this property as well as some scenes from a few popluar movies have been shot here.

This was the sunrise yesterday morning taken from our lanai. Our weather has been warm but breezy. Today, Big Surf expected on the North shore so we will go take a look. We had a rain shower last night. So while it rained, I watched from the lanai while I finished up a cross stitch project.
Hope you are all having a Great day.
Mahalo (Thank You) for visiting my blog. Leave me a comment so I'll know you were here, and I love your comments!
Aloha Nui Loa............With much love

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aloha Kakahiaka--Good Morning

Good Morning from the Islands. It's breezy this morning, but nice. A quiet morning, I've been whale watching from the lanai and gathering my thoughts. We have no plans for today, it's the beginning of the Nascar season and hubby has plans for watching the race. So, I'll use my time to visit your blogs and leave a comment which I haven't done much of recently. Not that I haven't visited them lately, I just haven't taken the time to post you a comment.

While on Maui, I went to the Maui Quilt Shop. A cute little shop, with lots of great fabric crammed in a small space. I purchased the quilt kit pictured below. The pic doesn't do the batik fabric justice. It's a 2 fabric applique quilt. Something new for me and I'm excited to start it. I have plans for it to hang in my bathroom. The pattern is from the Pacific Rim Quilt Company. they hav a site if you wanna take a peek.

I also took some time this morning to get my ipod straightened out. I have always had my daughter help me with this, because for some reason I have a mental handicap when it comes to ipods, lol. Well, she's not here, and my ipod didn't work! Wouldn't do a thing, I thought it needed charged , still didn't work. Well, I ended up going on line, reading the manual and TaDa! It works again, amazing what you can do if you read the directions. And, I even learned how to take off the songs I didn't want on there anymore and put different ones on. So proud of myself, lol. Want to download a few new ones to add. Maybe a little Island style music.
Well, that's it from the south Pacific this morning. I hope you have a Great Sunday. I think a walk on the beach and maybe some beach combing are on the agenda for me today.
Leave me a comment................I love hearing from you! Even though I miss family, friends and the girls (Maile and Sofie), I already don't wanna come home. It happens everytime, lol.

A hui hou..........................until we meet again.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day with Aloha

Happy Valentines Day with Aloha! In case you didn't know, Aloha means Love. I've posted a couple of pics of some beautiful Hawaiian flowers for you. The first one is of the Hawaiian Shell Ginger, one of my favorites and then a beautiful orchid. I hope you all have a Great Valentines Day.
Congratulations to hubby's little brother and his love.............he popped the question!!!
Until later........................Hugs and Kisses

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Whatcha Workin' on Wednesday in Maui

Well, today I worked on my tan. We are Island hopping, that's what they call it here, and we landed on Maui. You board the plane, take off, level out, and begin your descent. A very short flight between the islands. We arrived and checked in to our hotel, The Pioneer Inn in Lahaina on the waterfront. A quaint and very cozy inn. Next on the agenda a whale watching cruise with The Pacific Whale Foundation. We went on this same whale watching cruise last year and throughly enjoyed it. I'm posting a couple of pics.

This was taken on our way back to the harbor, and it appears the whales are heading right for the boat. Near as we could tell it was a mother, a calf (baby whale) and an escort. The baby whale, a brand "New" 2009 model as our guide said, is probably just days old. And the escort, the next wanna be Daddy.
It's awesome when they surface and you can hear the air and see the spout. And then you see the whale gracefully come up out of the water. And if you're lucky you might see a tail. We did see tails, and fins. We were lucky enough to see them breach (jump out of the water) and slap their fins on the surface, many times in a row.

Remember you can click on the pictures to see them full size. It was a beautiful day for a whale watch, despite the one who got sick on our boat.
We met the nicest, cutest couple in our group. Yvonne and Ronald from Zurich, Switzerland. They sat in the front with us. They are on Holiday around the world. A stop here in the Islands and then on to the mainland. We wish them safe travels and look forward to hearing from them soon. And I'll check their blog for the latest updates on the trip.
We'll be heading back to Oahu and our beachside condo tomorrow. They had a tornado on Oahu today, not anywhere near where we stay, but very rare here. More rain and gusty winds are headed for the islands and this weekend could get very windy. Hope you are all warm and cozy, enjoying the nice weather that has been there since we left. It always does that, lol.
Until next time..........Aloha

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Pro Bowl Football

Aloha once again. This was such a hard post to decide what I wanted to show you, I have so many pics and wish you could see them all, lol. We went into Waikiki yesterday.
With the Pro Bowl here in the Islands for the big game tomorrow, which did get sold out so will be televised here locally, there is always a big fun day at the park. Meet some of the players, get autographs, and be entertained by the mascots. There is always local entertainment at the bandshell, and this year the group "Kapena" performed. They have been a favorite of ours since we first heard them, and we have gotten to know the group so it was good to talk to them again. And of course we took in the sights around Waikiki, too. Maybe some of you have heard of the "Royal Hawaiian Hotel", one of the oldest hotels on the Island. Pink in color and Grand on the inside, a must see if you are ever here.

The "Royal Hawaiian" was one of the first things travelers would see approaching the Islands.
Ae you ready for some Football???!!! Lots of fun at the park. Tonight a Block Party in Waikiki, the streets are closed down to traffic. Food tents with some of the most fabulous food you'll ever eat are in the streets. As well as band stages throughout, 5 stages this year and awesome music at each one. It's always hard to decide which one you want to go to and how long to stay so you don't miss someone else.

Can you see me?? LOL! The mascots are so much fun. They have to be sweltering in those costumes out there in the sun. But they some how endure and entertain everyone. And if you're not careful, you too may be part of their entertainment!

Aren't they cute!!! The new Sumatran Tiger cubs at the Honolulu Zoo. We always go to the zoo. It's relaxing, lots of animals, even a petting zoo for the Keiki (children), but I also like the petting zoo! We enjoy it all and go often.
So, there you have it. The Lions, Tigers and Football in the Islands this weekend. I hope you are all having a Great weekend. So far I am......I spent a good part of the day at the beach soaking up some much needed sun. And I see the temps on the mainland have warmed up a bit.
Until next time.....................Sunny Hugs

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun in The Sun

Aloha from the South Pacific! A gorgeous day here today, in the 70's, startedoff with a few clouds and then sunshine all around. We drove to the local fruit stand for fresh pineapple, yum, sweet and juicy.
We spent some time on the beach today. I looked for shells, my favorite thing to do on the beach. And I did find a few nice ones. Most of the shells that make it shore are small, the bigger ones get broken up on the reef by the surf before they can get to shore. And we saw this little sand crab in the picture above, look hard he's in there. Sorta look between the grass. See him now?

And, a Man of War Jellyfish, pictured above. Just glad I saw him before one of us stepped on him. Even though it's not in the water it's still able to sting you. I have never been stung by one and don't want to experience it either. I remember the first time I ever saw one, it was described to me as a piece of purple bubble gum floating in the water, but the stinging tentacles are really long under water.

We stopped at Waimea Bay. They have cultural Activities, a waterfall, native hawaiian plants, lots to do and see. It's really an amazing place. When we drove in this peacock had just perched itself on the hood of this car. Hawaiian style hood ornament, lol. I'm planning on going back next week, they let you get involved in the making of hawaiian crafts and have a demo of Kapa Cloth, made from the bark of the mulberry tree. You get to make a piece of cloth. I want to try this, so will go back next week one day.

A message for someone back on the mainland. And after the tide came in it was gone.
We are enjoying this much needed vacation. It's nice to see old friends. We always feel like we've just come home when we are here.
Hope you all are warm and safe. Keep thinking spring. More later.
Until then...........................Aloha

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aloha My Friends

Aloha. Now the "Secret" destination is out. We are in the Islands for our getaway. Even though it has been cloudy and rainy the temps are in the 70's. I'm not complaining, I know it's been in the single digits back home. We are in the "country" part of the Island. As we usually stay in Waikiki, this time we are on the North side of the Island. It's very quiet and peaceful. Our condo is right on the beach. Here's a picture of the view from our Lanai (balcony).

The sounds of the ocean are very soothing and relaxing. We spent the day in Waikiki yesterday, seeing old friends and checking out what's changed since we were here last. The newest thing, Jimmy Buffet has opened a grill in Waikiki, of course it's called Margaritaville. Fit's right in with the Island flavor. It was Great to see all our friends and catch up on each others lives. My friend Judy is no longer on the Island, she moved to Seattle, and it seem strange her not being here, I miss her.

Short post today, I have many blogs to read and catch up on. Today no real plans, whatever. I will take more pics to post for you later. I hope you all are warm and safe.

Wishing you all a Great Day. Until later.......Aloha