Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aloha My Friends

Aloha. Now the "Secret" destination is out. We are in the Islands for our getaway. Even though it has been cloudy and rainy the temps are in the 70's. I'm not complaining, I know it's been in the single digits back home. We are in the "country" part of the Island. As we usually stay in Waikiki, this time we are on the North side of the Island. It's very quiet and peaceful. Our condo is right on the beach. Here's a picture of the view from our Lanai (balcony).

The sounds of the ocean are very soothing and relaxing. We spent the day in Waikiki yesterday, seeing old friends and checking out what's changed since we were here last. The newest thing, Jimmy Buffet has opened a grill in Waikiki, of course it's called Margaritaville. Fit's right in with the Island flavor. It was Great to see all our friends and catch up on each others lives. My friend Judy is no longer on the Island, she moved to Seattle, and it seem strange her not being here, I miss her.

Short post today, I have many blogs to read and catch up on. Today no real plans, whatever. I will take more pics to post for you later. I hope you all are warm and safe.

Wishing you all a Great Day. Until later.......Aloha


Jenn said...

I just new your "secret" destination was Hawaii! I need to make it there someday...I usually only go to the Caribbean islands.

basketsnprims said...

Lucky you! Soak up some sunshine for me, please?? It was about 20 below this am here. Have a grand time.