Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Pro Bowl Football

Aloha once again. This was such a hard post to decide what I wanted to show you, I have so many pics and wish you could see them all, lol. We went into Waikiki yesterday.
With the Pro Bowl here in the Islands for the big game tomorrow, which did get sold out so will be televised here locally, there is always a big fun day at the park. Meet some of the players, get autographs, and be entertained by the mascots. There is always local entertainment at the bandshell, and this year the group "Kapena" performed. They have been a favorite of ours since we first heard them, and we have gotten to know the group so it was good to talk to them again. And of course we took in the sights around Waikiki, too. Maybe some of you have heard of the "Royal Hawaiian Hotel", one of the oldest hotels on the Island. Pink in color and Grand on the inside, a must see if you are ever here.

The "Royal Hawaiian" was one of the first things travelers would see approaching the Islands.
Ae you ready for some Football???!!! Lots of fun at the park. Tonight a Block Party in Waikiki, the streets are closed down to traffic. Food tents with some of the most fabulous food you'll ever eat are in the streets. As well as band stages throughout, 5 stages this year and awesome music at each one. It's always hard to decide which one you want to go to and how long to stay so you don't miss someone else.

Can you see me?? LOL! The mascots are so much fun. They have to be sweltering in those costumes out there in the sun. But they some how endure and entertain everyone. And if you're not careful, you too may be part of their entertainment!

Aren't they cute!!! The new Sumatran Tiger cubs at the Honolulu Zoo. We always go to the zoo. It's relaxing, lots of animals, even a petting zoo for the Keiki (children), but I also like the petting zoo! We enjoy it all and go often.
So, there you have it. The Lions, Tigers and Football in the Islands this weekend. I hope you are all having a Great weekend. So far I am......I spent a good part of the day at the beach soaking up some much needed sun. And I see the temps on the mainland have warmed up a bit.
Until next time.....................Sunny Hugs


Karen said...

Hey Bren...glad you are having a great time.
Love all your pictures and wishing I was there in the beautiful warm weather.

Yvonne said...

Hy Brenda
I was really curious to see your truck and I also read a lot of the other blog entries. As it seems you are one of the regular bloggers. You will see when you visit our blog that we are only holiday bloggers, at least for the moment maybe this changes.
Enjoy your holiday as wee do.

Was great to meet you on the boat,