Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun in The Sun

Aloha from the South Pacific! A gorgeous day here today, in the 70's, startedoff with a few clouds and then sunshine all around. We drove to the local fruit stand for fresh pineapple, yum, sweet and juicy.
We spent some time on the beach today. I looked for shells, my favorite thing to do on the beach. And I did find a few nice ones. Most of the shells that make it shore are small, the bigger ones get broken up on the reef by the surf before they can get to shore. And we saw this little sand crab in the picture above, look hard he's in there. Sorta look between the grass. See him now?

And, a Man of War Jellyfish, pictured above. Just glad I saw him before one of us stepped on him. Even though it's not in the water it's still able to sting you. I have never been stung by one and don't want to experience it either. I remember the first time I ever saw one, it was described to me as a piece of purple bubble gum floating in the water, but the stinging tentacles are really long under water.

We stopped at Waimea Bay. They have cultural Activities, a waterfall, native hawaiian plants, lots to do and see. It's really an amazing place. When we drove in this peacock had just perched itself on the hood of this car. Hawaiian style hood ornament, lol. I'm planning on going back next week, they let you get involved in the making of hawaiian crafts and have a demo of Kapa Cloth, made from the bark of the mulberry tree. You get to make a piece of cloth. I want to try this, so will go back next week one day.

A message for someone back on the mainland. And after the tide came in it was gone.
We are enjoying this much needed vacation. It's nice to see old friends. We always feel like we've just come home when we are here.
Hope you all are warm and safe. Keep thinking spring. More later.
Until then...........................Aloha


Miranda said...

Oh can't wait to show Connor when he gets home from school today!!! Papa needs to send JJ a message now :)

Char said...

oh how wonderful....while we here are freezing our tushies off!...keep posting them to atleast dream of summer weather!

Karen said...

What fun Bren!!!!
I've been gone for a week and didn't realize you were in wonderful warm weather.
Yeah for you!
Have a wonderful time.
Hugs, Karen