Saturday, February 28, 2009


After a long flight, we made it home. So nice to be here, you know that feeling you get after being gone a while and you arrive back home and walk in. Jet lag has set in. By the time we arrived home we had already been up over 24 hours. And then you need to unwind. After relaxing and unwinding it hits you. So it will take a few days to get back on schedule.
Today I will go get the girls and see if they remember me, lol. I'm anxious to see what they do when they see us. Will they remember, will they be mad, will they be ready to come home, lol?
And of course there is no food in the house, so a stop at the store is first in order after that. So with that I'll leave you for now. I'll post again later after I've returned .
Have a Great Day!


basketsnprims said...

Welcome home! The girls will remember you & I'm sure they'll go crazy.

Karen said...

Hi Bren, I'm so glad you are home!!!
I just know the girls will be happy to see you - they might stare for a second or two but for sure they'll start wagging tails and jumping all over you.

Thanks for visiting my blog already today.

I remember when Doug was working in London I flew over there for a week so he didn't have to fly back home and when I arrived it was 10 in the morning but I had gotten on the plane like around 7:30 the night before but by the time I arrived there it was already the next morning - I fell asleep on Dougs bed and when he got home from work he couldn't wake me up to let him in....he was banging on windows and doors like sure does hit you fast.

Hugs, Karen