Monday, February 23, 2009

Countdown to Home

The time grows near for us to return to the cold and frozen tundra we call home. Am I ready? NO! But yes, does that make sense to you. I am not ready to leave the warm tropical weather, not ready to return to work and driving in the cold frozen weather, but I do miss the girls. I fear they will have forgotten me by the time I get back. I've called home to check on them, and I know they are being very well cared for. And of course you always miss your own home, it just needs to be here, along the beach, lol. So we will spend our last few days saying goodbye to our friends, eating one last time at the Shrimp truck and eating apple bananas one last time. Then we'll board the plane for the long flight back to the mainland.
I have no pictures to post today!! I did have, we're not sure what happened to them. I went to download them to the computer and it said the disc needed to be formatted again, and by doing that I would lose my pictures. Hubby tried to solve the problem, but I had no choice but to reformat it. Well it was no big deal, I had taken a few pictures of some of the different trees here on the Island. I thought you might be interested to see, but then again, maybe not, lol.
I took a little time to update my blog. I thought it was time for a different header picture. Well, since I didn't have a really neat one like some of you have (where do you get those anyway), I used one of my own. It won't be there long, lol. I'll search for a better one!
I hope you are all warm, healthy, and happy! Don't forget to leave me a comment, I love hearing from you.
Aloha................until we meet again


basketsnprims said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time. You know your girls could never forget you. I hate to say it but we got 8 inches of snow a couple of nights ago ~ LOL.

Bren said...

Pam, I think around home they got 6 inches last Friday. Call Mother Nature and order up spring, lol!

Alice said...

Come to WY we don't have the snow
you do at home.

Bren said...

Hi Aunty Alice!! No snow, but cold isn't it? Glad to hear from you.