Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year, New Project

I hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas. We were fortunate enough to spend several days with our grandsons and had a blast. On my last post I had said I would be around more, giggle, well I never even got online! We were just having too much fun.I did get the binding on one of my quilts and I made another crocheted rug using fabric. Those are so fun and relaxing. So now it's time for?, not sure what. It's a New year, or almost and I'm searching for something to do next. My bag of goodies to take along is empty. I'm open to suggestions if you have any. I have a couple of days home before we start rolling again. And I'm planning on making a trip to town tomorrow. So if I need supplies for my next project I can pick them up, but gotta have a project.

The snow is all gone, and it was 40 degrees today. But tonight the winds are howling, the temps are dropping and the lights are flickering. I've lit some candles in case we lose power. The weather man says it going to be cold tomorrow and then on New Years day it will start getting warmer. We'll be home for New Years and then be heading to the Southwest. While I'm home I have some catching up to do, reading all your blogs, posting a comment here and there and visiting my favorite board. I Love this little blog land we are all in, I look forward to you stopping by and checking out my adventures both in my travels and my crafts. And I'll be checking to see what you are all working on too. Thanks for stopping by, I've met some of the nicest people through my blog and hope to meet more in the New Year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas Express

We started the week heading south, toward warmer weather. We had good roads, thank goodness. Well, it wasn't that warm in the south. And we were down in the Gulf by Biloxi, Mississippi. But it wasn't the sub zero weather and the wind chills they were having to deal with back home. After making our destination and unloading we were sent back north towards our Christmas stop.
Up early and on the road, alittle bit of rain, temps were cold but we did ok. The phone rings..........it was the oldest grandson(he's 5) he said "are you driving?' of course I said yes, "to our house?" again yes, "how long before you get here?" I tired to give him as close a guess as I could on our arrival time. Next the youngest one gets on, "what's taking so long!?" by this time I'm in stitches over the excitement of these two and wishing I had recorded this phone call.....it was priceless! From then on time stood still or so it seemed, giggle. Just knowing they couldn't wait for us to get there. We arrived, they were excited, the pups were excited, giggle. An afternoon of just hanging out, a pot of spaghetti and homemade sauce for supper, Yum, Yum.
Today we'll be baking cookies to leave for Santa. And whatever else we can think of. Planning on a fun filled day, hope you are too.
The Express will be stopped here for the Holidays, to enjoy time with our family. I wish you all a Holly Jolly Christmas. Enjoy your families, friends and traditions.

Until Later.....................Hugs

Friday, December 19, 2008

Where oh Where

Where oh Where has the Express been? Over the snow and thru the fog! We started out the week with snow, the roads were patchy covered. Tuesday morning and we were off again the roads were much better, thru Illinois, into Kentucky where they had some snow and don't normally get much so they aren't the greatest about cleaning the roads. but we endured! Into Tennessee and drizzle and light rain, but the temps were good. On into Alabama, the temps were rising the rain was increasing and the fog was thick. We unloaded on Wednesday morning in Alabama, hubby had a second drop, so I made my way to a truck stop and fueled up and grabbed a sandwich. Our reload was back in Kentucky, so off we headed North. Fog and rain, temps were good. Into Tennessee, the temps dropping, still drizzle and fog. Best part we got to sop and have supper with the kids, a surprise for them, fun for us. Woke up to fog and drizzle, no surprise there! The roads were good, so off we go to pick up our loads, we got loaded and made it all the way back to Iowa before the weather turned bad. Thank goodness!!!

So after unloading this morning and getting back to our terminal, the roads were slushy in spots and snow packed in spots, we picked up our next load and headed for home. Just stopping by to pick up some things and head out in the morning.

We'll be heading south again into warmer weather and leaving before the next storm blows in. And on the way back we'll stop by the kids for Christmas and a few days off. Looking forward to that. Have some fun family things planned, baking cookies to leave for Santa for one, giggle. Not being the bad weather driver that hubby is, I have really had a pretty good week and endured with a minimum of stress, Thanks to him. I was really hoping for a mild winter, giggle.

I hope you have all had a Great week, have been warm and safe, and are gearing up for your Holiday Gatherings.

Thanks to all who stop by my blog, even though sometimes it's not very interesting. And I love your commemts! Like I said before, it makes me feel I have contact with intelligent life form. Consider what I sometimes have to compare it to! Giggle.

Check back often, nexst week I will have more atime to post.

Until then....................................Warm hugs

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Woo Hoo A Package at My Door!!

Happy Saturday! A little warmer out this morning, but it means some rain coming in and then colder temps and snow.

I was up early this morning and off to the store. Got that taken care of and upon returning home but what did I find on my back door?! A package! Seems as thought the elves from down the road had visited my house. OMGosh, what a Great package I found. The cutest little snowman plate and the most adorable ornie. The little ornie is a lollipop made from needle punch, how clever is that! I'd like to Thank that elf from down the road, PammyJo, you are the best! Check out the pics of my goodies. And I'm also posting pics of my snowman runner completed, yes I said completed and my gingers. Aren't they cute, I just love em.

Hope you are all having a Great day. I'll post more later.

Until then........................Warm Fuzzy Hugs

Friday, December 12, 2008

Express Update

I can't believe I didn't have time for a post all week!! Well, it's been a busy week. As you know we headed south, Florida to be exact. An uneventful trip down and the weather was of course nice when we got there. So, we unloaded and waited for a load. Hubby was sent to north of Atlanta and I was sent to the west side of Georgia. Off we went, I had planned my stop for about halfway to my reload point as there were not many places to stay and nothing in the town I was going to. Made it there, and it had started raining, then thunderstorms and lighting and downpours. Next morning it's still raining, I'm off towards my reload point and it gets worse. The wind is blowing, things flying in the air, little twigs, leaves and other debris on my truck, water on the roads. Just great, hubby calls and says how ya doin', I say ok I guess, my tractor is in the left lane and my trailer is in the right lane, he says well you're doin' ok then, giggle. Oh, I made it there and got loaded, it stopped raining and the sun came out. So<>
Well, we're home now. It's cold here, but suppose to warm up and rain, then turn to snow Sunday evening. We don't leave until Monday afternoon, so hopefully it'll be better by then.
I have a couple of pics I'll post tomorrow. Hoping for a productive day tomorrow.

Until then........................Warm Hugs

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Southbound Express

I'm keeping with the Express theme for a while as my grandkids think it's cool, giggle. So we are in the south. We slipped out of town before the bad weather got there, Thank goodness. So while it's snowing and blowing and cold back home we are in the southern part of Georgia and the temp was 70 degrees when we stopped. For those of you who are in the cold and snowy weather, I'm not rubbing it in, but I'm loving every minute of it, giggle. If it makes you feel any better, we will have to turn around and head back north where it's cold.

We will unload in the morning and then wait for a relaod and head back in a northerly direction. Back into reality. I have some things with me to work on if I get a minute. Some things I need to work on when I get back home, whenever that might be. And I'm in the mood to make another quilt.

I'll be popping around to other blogs to see what you all have been up to. It also makes me feel I have contact with other intelligient life form, giggle. Now that I'm ginger ornies are done I'm looking for inspiration for what to make next. Inspire me!

Until then.........................Prim Blessings

Sunday, December 7, 2008

An Express Stop

The Express has parked for a couple of days. Nice to be home, but as always it's too short of a stay, giggle. Seems I just get things sorted out and get ready and it's time to get going again. I've taken advantage of my time here to relax. Nothing exciting on the homefront, the usual domestic goddess chores, laundry, cooking, fa la la la.

A snow flurry every once in a while outside, still cold. The kind of cold that goes right through you. Hubby says tomorrow it's suppose to rain, so that means it will have to warm up! We'll be headed out tomorrow, to warmer weather. I'll finish what I can today and then get everything ready for travel.

I don't have much today, but wanted to pop on and post something. I'll be visiting others and leaving a comment here and there. Love reading everyone's posts and Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment.

As the Express gets ready to pull out, I'll be posting in a day or so.
Until then............................................Warm Hugs,

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Frozen Express!!

OMGosh it's cold!!! I think the temp right now is about 12 degrees. Last couple of days have been cold, cold, cold and yucky weather. Yesterday around Kansas City we ran into snow and crappy roads. Then woke up and looked out at 4:45 this morning and it was snowing! So needless to say the roads weren't all that great. And all this bad weather has had me thinking about my BIL (you know which one you are), He started a new job a couple of weeks ago and part of his job is snow removal. Just wondering if he put his expertise to use, giggle. Well we made it through and all is well. We are still in Minnesota and will reload in the morning and head back for the home terminal. And maybe home for a day, I can only hope. The girls need a bath and I have some sewing to do, giggle.

Hoping you all are warm and safe.

Until the Express rolls in again..........Warm hugs

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Express Rolls On

Happy Tuesday! Greetings from the Ginger Man Express........as we merrily roll on, giggle.

We unloaded yesterday in Texas. Hubby had to go to Houston for a reload and I had a load to pick up in Ft. Worth. So off we went. I picked my load up yesterday afternoon and headed back to the truck stop and am waiting for hubby to come back by and we'll head north to Minnesota. We both deliver in the upper part of Minnesota on Friday.

So I've been working on the little Gingers while I wait. I am posting these pics of the progress. And of the Ginger Queen, giggle. Ha, Queen she's not, she's a thief! Everytime I turn my head she takes one and tries to hide it in the kennel. And it's not just her, it's her sister too! and they look so sweet and innocent, giggle.

The weather is in the 50's, but it's a cool 50. The wind has been blowing strong for the last couple of days and it's almost bone chilling. Very chilly for the south.

Hope you all are having a Great week.

Until the Express rolls in again.................Prim Blessings

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ginger Man Express

Welcome aboard the Ginger Man Express, giggle. I'm totin' the little gingers with me and I stuffed a few this afternoon. I can't wait to get them finished and see how they all look.
We left home yesterday, headed south. All was well the first hundred miles or so, then we ran into rain. The rain turned to a mix of rain and snow, then snow, then rain and snow again. Cloudy, dreary, dark, you know the kind of day I'm talking about. The temps in the low 30's, but above the freezing mark although barely. By the time we stopped for the night we had ran out of the snow and the rain ended shortly after we stopped. I know we had snow at home just not sure how much or if it is still there. Maybe my BIL(you know who you are) will post me a comment and let me know the weather, giggle.
Here in the south it's in the low 50's, kinda cool, but I'll take this over snow anyday. Thinking about calling work tomorrow and just telling them I'll see them next spring, lol. Hoping you are warm and dry where ever you are.
Will find out what the week will be after we unload tomorrow. Check back to see where the next adventure will be.
Until then.....................Prim Blessings

Friday, November 28, 2008

A Finishing Friday

I used my time today to "finish" up odds and ends. I'm not a die hard shopper, so I stayed home and let the ones who live for it, go for it. And after hearing on the evening news that a Wal-Mart worker was trampled in New York by shoppers today, it just reinforces why I don't go. How sad that someone has to lose their life over shopping.
I am loving my peppermint ornies that I teamed with my friend PammyJo on. We are so good. Well, I want more, giggle. More ornies that is. So I found the cutest little "prim" ginger man and set about making him a reality. I sewed one to see what he looked like finished, and then started a dozen more. I will cut them out and stuff them, take them along on this trip and hope to sew up the back and add either bells or buttons down his front. Isn't he a doll, giggle. My tag team partner and I are thinking our next project might be tree ornies. Hmmmmm, I wonder what could be after that?
It's back to the real world tomorrow for me. I've had a few good days at home. I have some of my shopping finished and a few more items to get. Hope you all had a wonderful turkey day, we did. Always eat too much! Have a Great week ahead!
Until later.....................Prim Ginger Blessings

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Enjoy your day with family and friends. Bring out old traditons and make new. We'll enjoy our traditional Thanksgiving feast, even though it's just us.

I worked on some decorating yesterday. And I grunged up those peppermint ornies. I like them better after I grunged them. I have more decorating I'll work on today. and some crafting I want to work on. I'm posting pics of my small tree that sits in the corner of my crafting area in the back room and my centerpeice on the kitchen table, and some of the ornies I grunged.
Prim Blessings to all.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whatcha Workin' on Wednesday

Whatcha workin on Wednesday? There's lots to do at my house. I have to make a run to the grocery store first of all. I'll make my pies today, one less thing to do tomorrow. And I'm itching to get my holiday decorations out and up around the house. I've been reading everyone's blogs and see all the decorating being done and I'm totally in the mood.

I've been working on a primitive notebook cover. I just love these, and so easy to do. I have to sew the button on the one that's open and then it's done. And remember those ornies that were a team effort? They turned out so neat, I have to sew a bell in the center, and decided if I want to tea stain them a little bit or not. A big Thanks to my friend PammyJo for being my tag team partner, giggle. What shall we do next?
I can't wait to see what you are all workin on this Wednesday. Have a Great day.
Until Later..........................Prim Holiday Blessings

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Take Me Home Tuesday

Monday was a busy day, full of miles. We unloaded in Tulsa, Ok, and then headed to Elk River, Mn. up by Minneapolis, empty no less. Yep, I said empty, 735 miles of empty. We'll be picking up concrete bases for the lights and taking them back to the home plant. Waiting to load as I type!

Then it's home for 3 whole days. I have cooking, cleaning, laundry but, most importantly crafting to do. For the LOVE of it, I don't have time to be sitting here waiting to load, giggle. I'm so excited, lol.

I have pics of some things to post but will have to wait till I get home. Tomorrow will be pic day.

Hope you all are having a GREAT day!

Until later...................................Prim Blessings

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunny Sunday

It was a beautiful sunny day for the most part! We left home this morning and it was in the 20's and tonight in Oklahoma it's in the 50's! Cold enough at home that the girls needed their sweaters on! Check out their pic, giggle.
I stopped over at Ragggedy Angel's blog to see if I had won Gracie. Well, she will be going to Justina's house. Ohh man! I was so disappointed, I was sure she would be coming to live with me.Well, I've taken her pic off my site so I won't be reminded by her little face that I didn't win, giggle. I've never won anything in my life! But, Congrats to Justina, I'm sure she'll have a good home. Maybe she'll run away to mine, lol.
Looking forward to a short week this week. We won't be spending the Holiday with the kids as we didn't have a load headed in that direction. We'll spend a quiet day at home, and I'll work on some things I want to finish up. I am looking forward to some more home time.
That team effort I have going on with my friend PammyJo is well under way. I finished my part of sewing and she picked them up and painted them all, TODAY!! And omgosh are they gonna be cute. Can't wait for you all to see them. But stop over at her blog, http://www.grammysalteredlife.blogspot.com/ and check out the saw she painted. She is the most awesome painter!
I hope you all had a Great weekend. I'll be looking forward to all the family get together stories of the upcoming Holiday.
Until later.....................Prim Blessings

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday on a Sad Note

Well, today was again a busy day. Had eye Dr. appts, and we did a little bit of shopping. I have also wanted the little candle lights in the windows, so we set out in search of them and they are now in my windows! They look so warm and inviting, I Love it.

The sad note is the passing of my cousin Larry. His dad and my dad were just 20 years and 2 days apart in age, they came from a big family! Larry has been my only cousin to keep in touch on a regular basis, sometimes just a forward, but I always knew he was there. I had gotten an email from him on Nov. 12th telling me he had bad news. He had liver cancer, started having problems the end of October and the Dr. had just confirmed it. Told me he didn't know how much time he had and hoped to make it through Christmas. His son and dil just had a new baby recently. He thanked me for being such a good cousin and told me he loved me. That was my last email. I found out he had passed away by reading it on another blog last night, he passed away last Monday, and his funeral was yesterday. I'm still in shock. I wish someone had called me. And the day I told hubby about the email he said we should go see him, I should not have waited. It was only 5 days after his last email that he passed away. I will miss him. Take nothing for granted, my heart said I should go and I didn't.

On a happier note the weather was a little warmer today. Hope you all had a good day. I have my work done and now am going to work on finishing up my part of those team effort ornies, giggle. Hope the painter is ready!

Until later.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday to all! Enjoying my day, was up early and off to town to do some errands. Sometimes I hate that running errands takes up so much of my time at home. Oh well, things have to be taken care of. We did manage to pick up a few more things for Christmas. So my gift list is getting shorter. A stop at the fabric store for stuffing and back home. Had a bite of lunch and then got a quick hair trim. Boy did I need that trim too! Doing a load of laundry and going to work on some ornies. The ones that are the team effort, giggle.

Gotta tell ya about a giveaway! Over at Ragggedy Angel, www.raggedyangel.blogspot.com, she's giving away the cutest doll. Her name is Gracie. Check it out..........but I think she's coming to my house, giggle. (That's for Pam again, lol)

The weather is cold today, but not as bad as yesterday. Tomorrow is to be even better.

I'll post more later.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

And Then There Was Thursday

Wow, where has the time went? It's been a busy week to say the least. Florida was our destitination this past week. It wasn't a whole lot warmer there than it is here.

I have to say Congratulations to my friend PammyJo over at Grammy's Altered Life. She became a Great Grandmama on Monday. Hop over to her blog to see the Cutest Baby on the Planet. She is adorable.

We have a couple of days at home. And of course there's always errands to run. I wish for a couple of days at home with nothing to do but craft, Ha! I am going to make some ornies while I'm home and my friend PammyJo will do the required painting. A team effort, giggle, I sew, she paints, we both get ornies. Perfect!

And, my blog finally got a makeover! I'm now ready for the Holiday season, atleast my blog is. I have gotten some shopping done. Have some things to get made, and a few more things to buy.

I just got a New pattern for a Great carryall bag. I can't wait to have time to start it. I'll shop for fabric and notions, so when I get time, I'll be ready.

Supper is in the oven, so time is up for now. I'll post more later.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tales

Home for a day and time for a date with the groomer. "The Girls" got their First haircut today. Now I really didn't want to get it done, they had such beautiful color. The tips of Maile's hair was black and once you cut it the color doesn't grow back. But, it's so much easier to take care of when it's clipped and with winter coming they will drag in less mess with short hair. Snow tends to form little balls on their hair and they bring it all in with them, giggle. So here we are with our "New" do's. You'll see that Maile went to her kennel to think about it, and Sister Sofie is absolutely positive she's a doll.

While waiting for time to pick them up I went to a quilt shop, a favorite of mine in Kalona, Iowa. Love this little shop, the woman that owns it is very sweet and the amish work in the store for her. The quilts are fabulous. I found a pattern for a couple of cute little bags and a Great little pinkeep to add to my collection.

And I'm posting a pic of a stocking I'm taking with me this trip. Not sure there will be time for it, but I'll have it if there is.

We'll be heading for warmer weather for the next few days. I won't mind it at all, it's getting colder as we speak and talk of snow. Not my favorite word. I hope you all have a Good weekend and week ahead.

I'm still waiting for my blog makeover and getting very anxious. It was only suppose to be 7 days and now it's almost two weeks.

Until we meet again...........Keep warm..............Happy Everything!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday?

Ok, I'm going to jump on the wagon with this whatcha workin on thing, lol. First, I'm working on relaxing, while I sit here and look at a couple of things I want to cut out tomorrow. I have a stocking to cut out and a couple of ornies.

I will be finishing up my snowman runner. Just need to put the backing on. I'll post a pic when it's all done.

I've been so busy this last week or so with no time for computer. But, when I have been able to jump on a take a peek at everyones blogs. I'm loving all the pics and tips you all have posted.

Sorry I have no pics for today. But, I'll get some on here tomorrow.

Until then..........................Happy Crafting

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trees in The South & Another Giveaway

It's been a long week! Not much time to even turn on the computer, let alone do any posting. We started the week with a quick run to Oklahoma, then back to get a load for Florida. Just inside Florida, but where it was warm anyway. We passed by some stately old trees full of moss. I love the way the moss grows in the trees and just hangs there, swaying in the wind! I don't know what it is, but it's just so Southern! I'm posting some pics of some trees that were on the way out of where we delivered.
On the way back to the north, we came through Alabama where I picked up a load going back to Iowa. This next week I'll be running solo. I will pick up a load for Indiana, and hubby will pick up a load for Wisconsin.
I have finished the stitching on my snowman runner (the one I showed you in an earlier post) and the sheep pinkeep. Need to get back home and pick up more supplies. I have some Secret Santa items I can't mention I'm working on.
We got to stop and see the kids on the way back north. That's always fun!! They were so surprised. I'm taking my daughters quilts back with me to have quilted. she did an awesome job!! Can't wait to see them after they are quilted.
Sandy over at For The Love of Prims, www.fortheloveofprims.blogspot.com. Has some Great items to give away! In honor of her 100th Post, be sure to check it out and put your name in.
But, I'm sure it's coming to my house. (that's for basketpam, lol)
Hope you all have a Great week. Keep checking back for my face lift my blog will be getting. I'm so excited, can't wait for it.
Until then................Prim Blessings

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So Long Little Friend

A sad day today. My Bil & Sil lost their little dog Casey. But she lived a happy and long life. Casey was always glad to see you like you were her best friend. She spent a lot of time in a lime truck eating chocolate donuts. More chocolate donuts than any dog will ever dream of eating and live to tell about it! I'm serious, she loved them. She was a mix of a Taco Bell type dog ( thats a hard word to spell, lol) and a wiener dog, with ears as big as she was. Always there with you, sometimes in the way. She will be missed. But, I believe she is in a better place where she no longer has cloudy eyes, no longer is deaf, and no longer has old age aches and pains. And she is with the only friend, dog wise, she ever liked, Tinker(who just recently passed also).

I will miss you little friend.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is my favorite holiday by far. No explannation why, just is. I love the decorations, the colors and the excitement of the day itself. It's so fun to wait for the little ghosts and goblins to knock on your door awaiting treats in their bags. And, I fulfill their waiting if they are brave enough to stay at the door when I answer.....................in my Witch costume! I have dressed as a witch for years, my BIL says it's the "Real" me anyway, lol. Well, then so be it.

On our way back this trip we passed thru Kansas. As hubby went one way to drop off his load, I went the other way to make a stop at The Wicked Witch of the West, I needed to speak with her and inquire about a "New" broom for this year. She graciously granted me one. I'll be soaring high this Halloween.

Hoping you all have safe and Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday in the South, and a Giveaway

We're off again, headed south. Texas to be exact, Brownsville. We stopped on the way in McAllen to see family. Had a great time, went out for supper, stopped by their house and back to the truck. Nice to have time to see family and friends while we are on our travels.

Update on the quilt. I did get it sewn together, have to press the seams and take it to the quilting lady. I'll post a pic when I get it back from her. It'll be a great quilt for warmth and comfort on the cold days coming.

A Birthday giveaway is going on over at the The Pickled Pepper Patch, www.charsethman.blogspot.com. Char is giving a prim toaster cover away in honor of her daughters birthday. It's fabulous!! I put my name in to win, I'd love to have it on my kitchen counter. Char always has great ideas and tips, pop on over and check it out.

Unload tomorrow and then????? We'll see. Have a Great day!

Until then...................Prim Blessings

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quilt in progress

Ok, it's all cut and laid out. Now I'm trying to decide if I like the way it looks before I take it to the sewing machine. Decisions, decisions. I think I'm pretty happy with it. So, it's take a few pieces at a time to the machine and stitch until it's all done. It's so exciting waiting to see the finished results. Then, take it to the quilting lady and bind it.
This is my second post for the day, so be sure to read the previous post, too.
Off to sew.................Happy Quilting!

Cold, Rainy and more Quilts for Comfort

It's a cold rainy morning here. the perfect kind of day to stay in and work on crafty things. I have some small things I'm working on, like my snowman runner I had posted earlier. And some things for a secret santa. I also made this locker hooked candle mat this week. I love the colors, makes me think of Indian Corn, lol. It's the perfect colors to go in any prim decorating corner.

And I'm starting a "New" quilt. It's made entirely of flannel fabric. so it will be warm and comforting on the cold days ahead. The pic above is what it looks like now. I'll cut everything today and hope to start sewing today or tomorrow.

I'm making a big pot of homemade spaghetti sauce for our supper. It's the best and smells wonderful as it simmers.

Hope you all are having a good week and productive crafting. Check back for updates on the progress of my latest quilt.

Until later.....................Happy quilting!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Comfort & Quilts

A great fall day, the temps are a little cool, but the sun is shining making it a beautiful day.

It's been nice having a couple of days home. Got some things done that needed looked after and had ample time to take comfort in just being home.

I made 2 quilts that I took to have quilted, and I got the call that they were ready to be picked up. I made the short trip to a nearby town this morning and brought them home again. I'm so pleased with how they look. I still have to do the binding, and will do that by hand. I'm posting a pic of them both. The pink and blue one is a pattern from one of my favorite stores, JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. The owner, Julie, is the nicest person you'll ever meet and her shop is to die for. She always has cute ideas and samples, my favorite is all the kits she has made up for you. Saves me time in having to decide, everything you need, ready to go. One of my favorite things about Julie is her collection of antique quilts, I'm so jealous, lol. She does reproductions of some of her antique collections and that's where the Pink and Blue one came from. She has a few more I someday want to try. You can visit her site at http://www.jjstitches.com/ and see more of her antique reproductions. She is often in American & Patchwork Quilting magazine, as are some of her quilt patterns.

The second quilt is one I purchased the kit for at another favorite shop. It's a quilt from the days of Laura Ingalls, but actually would have been made by her sister Mary. Laura was not the sit inside and quilt type, she would have rather been outside with Pa, lol.

And I'm posting a pic of a crocheted rug I just finished. I purchased a kit online from http://www.rags-to-rugs.com/ and it's made from strips of fabric. Great kit and easy to make, I already want to make another one. I ordered my kit by phone and spoke to Lora one of the owners, a sweet gal, and have emailed her with a couple of questions. They were very fast with shipping and with responding to my questions. I definately will be ordering more fabric. Check it out if you are interested.

Hope you all had a great weekend. We'll be heading to Kansas the first part of the week. I might have to stop and talk with the Wicked Witch of the west on flying techniques, it's been a while since I've had my broom out, lol.

Happy Fall!!! Until later.........................

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun with the Family & A Giveaway

Thought I'd post a couple of pics I took while we were here with the fam. One of Connor at his computer, his favorite place to relax, a pic of my daughters stitchery pillow she finished and a couple of others for fun.

The pillow she made is from doodles I did in the past, all except the winter moon, it's by a very talented gal on a message board I'm on. I Love her work, and the winter moon was free doodle from her, Thanks Terri. Anyway, I thought Miranda did a Great job on her pillow!

And a pic of a swap I received from one of the girls on the message board. OMGosh, it was a Great swap. Loved it all!!

And a Great Giveaway byLizzy at http://pigtailsandsnails.blogspot.com She is giving away a QUILT, I'm serious. I'ts beautiful!! Being the quilt collector I am, I hurried on over and left my comment for a chance to win. You still have time too.

Hope you enjoy the pics..................until later

Rest, Relax, Refresh

Taking a day or so to do just that!! Since we have to take our down time, why not do it with the kids. We made our way from Atlanta north towards the kids and stopped to take our time off here.

Surprised two little boys!! We actually arrived yesterday afternoon, just hung out, relaxed outside. I did our laundry, the pups were able to run and play, then a much needed bath when we came inside!! They are clean and pretty again, lol. Miranda had made a Great beef stew for supper, home cooked meal instead of truck stop food for a change.

After supper, we played bowling on their Wii. Never played on one of these before, and it was great fun. Even Connor does great at bowling. Good family fun for them all.

This morning we've had a relaxing morning. Connor is off to school, Hubby did some work on the trucks and put new antennas on our Sirius radios and fixed my cooler. Hopefully it will keep running now. I have my crafty things to work on this afternoon and I helped Mandi work on her crafty things she wanted Mom's advice on, lol.

As it looks right now, we should be home for the weekend, too!! Not going to grumble about that. Hope the weather will be fairly nice, I need to drag out my broom for Halloween. It is getting close you know, lol.

Until Later.....................

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is This Spooky or What?

I've been really busy the past couple of weeks and no time for computer. Having withdrawls, lol.

Ok, well I think the last time I was here we were in the Phoenix area. Obviously we got out of Phoenix. Since then we've been to Chicago, Texas, hubby's been to Wisconsin, too. And now we're in Georgia.

A week or so ago I started not feeling well and thought I don't have time to be sick. Ha! I thought it was allergies, NOT! Sinus infection, and a bad one, had to get antibiotics and it's really taken it's toll on me. But that didn't stop me from a day on the Spoon River Scenic Drive with the girls. We had a fun day, even though Pammy's pumpkin got skinned up when it fell out of the car, LOL! But, by the time we got home I was really not feeling well. And since then I think Pammy came down with it too, Sorry.

We did see something we have never seen on our travels. At the rest area in Texas, after we had gone inside and then gotten back in our trucks, hubby says "see that Tarantula crawling towards my truck". I said No Way!!!! Sure enough, it was, he took some pics and we watched it for a bit. The pic I'm posting we thought was pretty neat, but Spooky!

I hope you all are well and have had a Great couple of weeks!! We're hoping to see the Grandkids in a couple of days, cross your fingers.

Until later.............................

Monday, September 29, 2008

Stitchin in the southwest

It's hot here in the southwestern part of the US. We unloaded this morning and no reload yet, so I'm working on some stitchin I brought along. I thought I'd post some of the pics I took on the way here. I captured a few from New Mexico, west of Albuquerque and then on in to Arizona.

The tall cactus we always call the Minute Men, like soldiers before you get into Phoenix. It was a good trip here, now just wait for a load back in the direction of home.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Big Thanks

Our trip didn't set sail very smoothly. On our way to work last Friday the battery light in the car came on, then went off, then came back on. Hubby being a mechanic wasn't too concerned, then the lights on the dash started to dim, hmmmmm, the alternator. Well, we'll have to fix it when we get back. Stopped at the store and shut off the car and couldn't get out, LOL! Electric locks, battery low, not good. To make a long story short, we got out, had to call big brother, came to our rescue, left the car at the shop and he took us to work.

Soooooooooo, A BIG THANK YOU to BIL (you know which one you are)! We called and got him out of bed and he came to pick us up and all MY things, lol. Hubby only had 2 little bags. Well, I had cleaned my truck out!! So I had all these things, of which he'll not let me forget anytime soon. Took us 60 miles one way to work, with a pup stop on the way. Well, the "Girls" had to go. Then gets us to work and my truck isn't back from the shop yet, LOL. Had to wait 45 minutes for it to get there so we could unload ALL my things, ROFL! Thank goodness for big brothers!

Until later.....................

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What I'm working on Now

It's been Great having a couple of days at home. I did some fall cleaning and sorting of some crafty things I want to work on. I'm posting pics of the things I'll be taking along this time. I'm taking a wool snowman runner, I took a close up pic for ya too. And a pinkeep with a sheep on it, too cute. The other pinkeep I posted a few days back, this pic shows the stitching done. and the flower pinkeep I finished completely. I'm addicted to pinkeeps!
Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Backyard

I've decorated the inside for the fall season, now I need to get the outside ready as well. I don't usually put a lot of things out side, but I do like to get a few pumpkins and gourds. So I cleaned up the flowers that were looking weary and raked a few leaves. We have huge trees in the backyard and I really like em, except in the fall. There are so many leaves!! And of course they tend to gather around the house, lol. Now I need to make a trip to the pumpkin patch up on top of the hill for the fun stuff. I took pics of what it looks like before the deco, and will try to get pics of the after too. I've washed some windows and dusted some corners, the usual fall inside duties. Have a few more things to finish up. But, I seriously thought about leaving a couple of those cobwebs for the added decorating, LOL.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Halloween Tree

In getting in the spirit of the season, maybe a little early but I like to enjoy my prims as long as possible, I put out my halloween tree. And a few other little goodies I came across. I made the wool felt ornies and you might be able to tell the witches hat is not quite finished, but I wanted to include it anyway.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, for what reason I don't really know. I think it might be the colors, blacks, golds, oranges, tans, I love all those colors in many combinations. They are some of my favorites to work with when making my locker hooked rugs and small quilted bags. I think maybe its that they are so prim.

Some of my Favorite things about Fall:

1. The colors

2. Pumpkins, gourds and fall flowers

3. Warm days and cool nights

4. Wiener roasts and toasted marshmallows

5. Warm fuzzy sweatshirts

These are just a few of my favorite fall things.