Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So Long Little Friend

A sad day today. My Bil & Sil lost their little dog Casey. But she lived a happy and long life. Casey was always glad to see you like you were her best friend. She spent a lot of time in a lime truck eating chocolate donuts. More chocolate donuts than any dog will ever dream of eating and live to tell about it! I'm serious, she loved them. She was a mix of a Taco Bell type dog ( thats a hard word to spell, lol) and a wiener dog, with ears as big as she was. Always there with you, sometimes in the way. She will be missed. But, I believe she is in a better place where she no longer has cloudy eyes, no longer is deaf, and no longer has old age aches and pains. And she is with the only friend, dog wise, she ever liked, Tinker(who just recently passed also).

I will miss you little friend.


Karen said...

So sorry Bren...we have lost a couple pets to age/illness and so I can relate.

Miranda said...

Casey is in a better place runnin with Tinker now :) still so sad

Richard said...

Thanks ya ole witch(just Kidding)as one of the grandkids said"She was like an Aunt to me when I was a little girl"....Taylor