Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday on a Sad Note

Well, today was again a busy day. Had eye Dr. appts, and we did a little bit of shopping. I have also wanted the little candle lights in the windows, so we set out in search of them and they are now in my windows! They look so warm and inviting, I Love it.

The sad note is the passing of my cousin Larry. His dad and my dad were just 20 years and 2 days apart in age, they came from a big family! Larry has been my only cousin to keep in touch on a regular basis, sometimes just a forward, but I always knew he was there. I had gotten an email from him on Nov. 12th telling me he had bad news. He had liver cancer, started having problems the end of October and the Dr. had just confirmed it. Told me he didn't know how much time he had and hoped to make it through Christmas. His son and dil just had a new baby recently. He thanked me for being such a good cousin and told me he loved me. That was my last email. I found out he had passed away by reading it on another blog last night, he passed away last Monday, and his funeral was yesterday. I'm still in shock. I wish someone had called me. And the day I told hubby about the email he said we should go see him, I should not have waited. It was only 5 days after his last email that he passed away. I will miss him. Take nothing for granted, my heart said I should go and I didn't.

On a happier note the weather was a little warmer today. Hope you all had a good day. I have my work done and now am going to work on finishing up my part of those team effort ornies, giggle. Hope the painter is ready!

Until later.


Raggedy Angel said...

So sorry to hear your news, but it sounds like it was quick....and sometimes that can be a blessing. Take confort that he thought enough of you to share that last email with you and tell you were special in his life! God Bless,Beth

basketsnprims said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Bren. What a shock to get the email and then he was gone. I will keep you & your family in my prayers.

~ Pam ~

Bren said...

Thank you both for your kind words.

Karen said...

Awww Bren, I'm so sorry! I'm just happy you got to hear from him just a short while ago.
Bless you, Karen

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi, I just found your blog and read your sorry for your loss but happy for you that you recieved an e-mail from him telling you how he felt, that is just a wonderful blessing!

Dawn said...

Bren, Hi, just browsing through some blogs from friends and came acrss your. Its amazing how this blogging works, so many others with the same primitive interest. I have gotten so many crafting ideas! Im new to the blogging, so Im having a fun time. You site is wonderful,I will be back often to check out your things. Id love for you to stop over at mine, Dawn