Friday, November 28, 2008

A Finishing Friday

I used my time today to "finish" up odds and ends. I'm not a die hard shopper, so I stayed home and let the ones who live for it, go for it. And after hearing on the evening news that a Wal-Mart worker was trampled in New York by shoppers today, it just reinforces why I don't go. How sad that someone has to lose their life over shopping.
I am loving my peppermint ornies that I teamed with my friend PammyJo on. We are so good. Well, I want more, giggle. More ornies that is. So I found the cutest little "prim" ginger man and set about making him a reality. I sewed one to see what he looked like finished, and then started a dozen more. I will cut them out and stuff them, take them along on this trip and hope to sew up the back and add either bells or buttons down his front. Isn't he a doll, giggle. My tag team partner and I are thinking our next project might be tree ornies. Hmmmmm, I wonder what could be after that?
It's back to the real world tomorrow for me. I've had a few good days at home. I have some of my shopping finished and a few more items to get. Hope you all had a wonderful turkey day, we did. Always eat too much! Have a Great week ahead!
Until later.....................Prim Ginger Blessings


pammyjo said...

How cute is he? Luv him. How are you doing that neat little bit of prim grunge? You rock@

Karen said...

well look at you go girl!
You have become a crafting maniac...or should I say 'Diva'...giggle.
Hugs, karen