Friday, November 14, 2008

Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tales

Home for a day and time for a date with the groomer. "The Girls" got their First haircut today. Now I really didn't want to get it done, they had such beautiful color. The tips of Maile's hair was black and once you cut it the color doesn't grow back. But, it's so much easier to take care of when it's clipped and with winter coming they will drag in less mess with short hair. Snow tends to form little balls on their hair and they bring it all in with them, giggle. So here we are with our "New" do's. You'll see that Maile went to her kennel to think about it, and Sister Sofie is absolutely positive she's a doll.

While waiting for time to pick them up I went to a quilt shop, a favorite of mine in Kalona, Iowa. Love this little shop, the woman that owns it is very sweet and the amish work in the store for her. The quilts are fabulous. I found a pattern for a couple of cute little bags and a Great little pinkeep to add to my collection.

And I'm posting a pic of a stocking I'm taking with me this trip. Not sure there will be time for it, but I'll have it if there is.

We'll be heading for warmer weather for the next few days. I won't mind it at all, it's getting colder as we speak and talk of snow. Not my favorite word. I hope you all have a Good weekend and week ahead.

I'm still waiting for my blog makeover and getting very anxious. It was only suppose to be 7 days and now it's almost two weeks.

Until we meet again...........Keep warm..............Happy Everything!


Karen said...

OMGosh Bren I'm still giggling about the 'girls' - they are so precious and look at those faces! They definitely have attitudes or thoughts so to speak. Love it!!!

Miranda said...

Aww the girls look so purty! I love that she kept the eyelashes too....Samson goes in for his winter cut soon :)