Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunny Sunday

It was a beautiful sunny day for the most part! We left home this morning and it was in the 20's and tonight in Oklahoma it's in the 50's! Cold enough at home that the girls needed their sweaters on! Check out their pic, giggle.
I stopped over at Ragggedy Angel's blog to see if I had won Gracie. Well, she will be going to Justina's house. Ohh man! I was so disappointed, I was sure she would be coming to live with me.Well, I've taken her pic off my site so I won't be reminded by her little face that I didn't win, giggle. I've never won anything in my life! But, Congrats to Justina, I'm sure she'll have a good home. Maybe she'll run away to mine, lol.
Looking forward to a short week this week. We won't be spending the Holiday with the kids as we didn't have a load headed in that direction. We'll spend a quiet day at home, and I'll work on some things I want to finish up. I am looking forward to some more home time.
That team effort I have going on with my friend PammyJo is well under way. I finished my part of sewing and she picked them up and painted them all, TODAY!! And omgosh are they gonna be cute. Can't wait for you all to see them. But stop over at her blog, and check out the saw she painted. She is the most awesome painter!
I hope you all had a Great weekend. I'll be looking forward to all the family get together stories of the upcoming Holiday.
Until later.....................Prim Blessings


pammyjo said...

They are such cute little girls. Love the top knots. Mine won't keep them in. I tried for the longest time, but Wynnie always gets them out and then takes Dottie's out. Giggle. XXX P

Miranda said...

Aww don't the look sweet! They sure can fool a person can't they! JJ just can't wait for christmas so he can give the girls their presents!! And Connor can't wait to sit down and read to YaYa.

Char said...

how cute those lil girls are!