Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is my favorite holiday by far. No explannation why, just is. I love the decorations, the colors and the excitement of the day itself. It's so fun to wait for the little ghosts and goblins to knock on your door awaiting treats in their bags. And, I fulfill their waiting if they are brave enough to stay at the door when I my Witch costume! I have dressed as a witch for years, my BIL says it's the "Real" me anyway, lol. Well, then so be it.

On our way back this trip we passed thru Kansas. As hubby went one way to drop off his load, I went the other way to make a stop at The Wicked Witch of the West, I needed to speak with her and inquire about a "New" broom for this year. She graciously granted me one. I'll be soaring high this Halloween.

Hoping you all have safe and Happy Halloween!!!


basketsnprims said...

Don't you just look cute?? I love your costume & I'll be watching the skies for you tonight, flying around. Happy Halloween, Bren.


pammyjo said...

Very good look for you. Giggle!
You were bewitching when I drove by. LOL I'm so glad you have a fun spirit. Hugs.

Miranda said...

The boys just loved the costume...I love the hat, almost got the purple one myself, but decided to go the Super route to be in tune with the

~Tonya said...

Love your Witch costume Bren, but I really love the stockings more :)

You looked so neat. Bet the kids got a chuckle out of that. Glad you got yourself a new broom.

Happy Belated Halloween.

Karen said...

How the new YOU!
Hope your broom gives you good mileage over the years....everyone needs to update their models for a new one! LOL
Loved the post.