Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rest, Relax, Refresh

Taking a day or so to do just that!! Since we have to take our down time, why not do it with the kids. We made our way from Atlanta north towards the kids and stopped to take our time off here.

Surprised two little boys!! We actually arrived yesterday afternoon, just hung out, relaxed outside. I did our laundry, the pups were able to run and play, then a much needed bath when we came inside!! They are clean and pretty again, lol. Miranda had made a Great beef stew for supper, home cooked meal instead of truck stop food for a change.

After supper, we played bowling on their Wii. Never played on one of these before, and it was great fun. Even Connor does great at bowling. Good family fun for them all.

This morning we've had a relaxing morning. Connor is off to school, Hubby did some work on the trucks and put new antennas on our Sirius radios and fixed my cooler. Hopefully it will keep running now. I have my crafty things to work on this afternoon and I helped Mandi work on her crafty things she wanted Mom's advice on, lol.

As it looks right now, we should be home for the weekend, too!! Not going to grumble about that. Hope the weather will be fairly nice, I need to drag out my broom for Halloween. It is getting close you know, lol.

Until Later.....................


basketsnprims said...

Hi, Bren ~ glad you were finally able to relax & have a homecooked meal. Haven't heard much from you lately so it's good you'll have a weekend off. Enjoy it. ~ Pam

kornkribprimitives said...

I'm so happy you were able to take some time to rest and visit your children. :)
Blessings, Linda