Sunday, October 19, 2008

Comfort & Quilts

A great fall day, the temps are a little cool, but the sun is shining making it a beautiful day.

It's been nice having a couple of days home. Got some things done that needed looked after and had ample time to take comfort in just being home.

I made 2 quilts that I took to have quilted, and I got the call that they were ready to be picked up. I made the short trip to a nearby town this morning and brought them home again. I'm so pleased with how they look. I still have to do the binding, and will do that by hand. I'm posting a pic of them both. The pink and blue one is a pattern from one of my favorite stores, JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. The owner, Julie, is the nicest person you'll ever meet and her shop is to die for. She always has cute ideas and samples, my favorite is all the kits she has made up for you. Saves me time in having to decide, everything you need, ready to go. One of my favorite things about Julie is her collection of antique quilts, I'm so jealous, lol. She does reproductions of some of her antique collections and that's where the Pink and Blue one came from. She has a few more I someday want to try. You can visit her site at and see more of her antique reproductions. She is often in American & Patchwork Quilting magazine, as are some of her quilt patterns.

The second quilt is one I purchased the kit for at another favorite shop. It's a quilt from the days of Laura Ingalls, but actually would have been made by her sister Mary. Laura was not the sit inside and quilt type, she would have rather been outside with Pa, lol.

And I'm posting a pic of a crocheted rug I just finished. I purchased a kit online from and it's made from strips of fabric. Great kit and easy to make, I already want to make another one. I ordered my kit by phone and spoke to Lora one of the owners, a sweet gal, and have emailed her with a couple of questions. They were very fast with shipping and with responding to my questions. I definately will be ordering more fabric. Check it out if you are interested.

Hope you all had a great weekend. We'll be heading to Kansas the first part of the week. I might have to stop and talk with the Wicked Witch of the west on flying techniques, it's been a while since I've had my broom out, lol.

Happy Fall!!! Until later.........................


Karen said...

Wow Bren, when do you find the time to make all that you do! Love the quilts. Rug too.

pammyjo said...

You Rock! The quilts are great! Thanks for the links, maybe I'll find something that will perk my interest and get me motivated. Drive safe and give me a jingle now and again. Giggle!

Char said...

OMG!!!...I love them!...You go girl!

Miranda said...

they look great mom! I will have to send mine up to get done when I have it all pieced together, will hopefully have it done by wednesday! I am excited about it!!

Miranda said...

I did forget to ask, have you got your witchy gear with you on this run? :)

kornkribprimitives said...

They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Girlie, you are just full of surprises. You are a very talented and gifted woman. When do you find time to get so much made? WTG!!!
Blessings, Linda :)