Monday, September 29, 2008

Stitchin in the southwest

It's hot here in the southwestern part of the US. We unloaded this morning and no reload yet, so I'm working on some stitchin I brought along. I thought I'd post some of the pics I took on the way here. I captured a few from New Mexico, west of Albuquerque and then on in to Arizona.

The tall cactus we always call the Minute Men, like soldiers before you get into Phoenix. It was a good trip here, now just wait for a load back in the direction of home.


Char said...

I always love your pix of travels!

Bren said...

Thanks Char, glad to know someone enjoys them.

Karen said...

OMGosh Bren! Such beautiful scenery!
How fortunate you and your hubby are to be able to travel all over (my husband does too).
Good for you!
P.S. I just put you on my Blog list...don't know how I have been missing you there.

Bren said...

It is pretty down here Karen, I like each state for it's own beauty and differentness from where I come from. Some I think I could live in and others I just like to visit.

Thanks for adding me to your blog!!

Miranda said...

The boys always love to see the pics of where Yaya and Papa should post the spider pic! (per connor's suggestion)