Thursday, September 4, 2008

It Really was "Nun" of my Business

But I had to ask. You know somedays you think I've seen it all, and then you really haven't.

Burns, Wyoming, just east of Cheyenne, we had stopped for fuel and a bite to eat. As we were walking in to the building I saw a Nun walking out to a truck. I said "wonder what she's doing". We did our normal routine, got a bite to eat, our fuel tickets and walked out the door. I looked over at the fuel isles and there she was getting in a truck!!! I said "surely she's not driving that truck", I have to talk to her. And I did. Yes indeed she was driving the truck, Sister Marie, her fuel rewards card even said Sister Marie. Not just one Nun but two, the other one was along to keep her company. They were from a poor part of Chicago and building a Church, with not a lot of funds for what they need, and the congregation not able to support the church fully they have had to do what has to be done. They can't afford to have the materials brought in to them so they are going after them theirselves. They got a load, pulling a flatbed no less, in Wisconsin, strapped and tarped it by them selves in their habits and were heading west to get a load of lumber for the roof of the church. This will help pay for fuel to bring the lumber back. I forgot to ask where they were going to get the lumber, but most likely Washington state of Oregon. And Sister Marie said this was her first time coming west and she had some concerns about the mountains she had to go over. This was not her first time driving a truck, she's been to Texas and Florida and has been driving , or had her license for 2 years.

Now, I did ask to take their picture, but she said no and told me why and then also said I would have to have permission from the Mother Superior first. I respected their reasons why and totally understood them, but she also said no one will beleive I know, LOL.

I wished them a safe trip and blessings on their way. I'm still in shock and so wished I had been going the other way that day. I would love to know how they are doing! And I hope I run into her again someday.

I guess you really never have seen it all, there's always something new around the next corner!

I've more to tell, but later.

Until then...................Pink Prim Blessings!

And, Sister Marie, I know she'll never see this but, God Bless.


pammyjo said...

What a neat story. I wonder where they're at and if they will keep to truck driving. Are you on the road or home?

Bren said...

I'm home!!! Will be here till Saturday evening or late afternoon anyway. Call me.