Sunday, September 7, 2008

A New Week

After last week in Los Angeles, and ending in Minnesota, we had a couple of days to relax. Well, sort of. Thursday was rainy and cool, a definate sign fall is on the way. I'm not ready, well, I am just not for the cooler weather. Anyway, my Sister-in-law and I went shopping. Me with my hood and she with her umbrella, lol. She was kind enough to share it with me, until it did the upside down Mary Poppins thing! Omg, what a hoot. We had fun though, we don't get to shop together much anymore. Oh, and my package came, so Thank you to BIL for accepting that for me and NOT opening it.

Ok, then Friday. We had to do the renew the Drivers License thingy. Not bad just a vision test, and the picture wasn't too bad either. Back home to relax, do laundry, give the girls a bath, all that fun stuff. Cooked out for supper and packed to leave on Saaturday.

So now a new week, On our way to Denver and then who knows where.

Just wanted to post a quick note. More later.

Until then............Prim Blessings

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