Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain

Rain..............that's all it's done is rain for 2 days! Today was our Company Picnic and it rained. Thank goodness it was in the Company Warehouse. Lots of good food, drawings and fun and games for the kids. A few small towns on the way there were having flash floods and the small creeks were gushing with water, water that has no where to go. Ditches were full and it was running over the road in a few places. But we had a good time. Glad to be back in our dry home, lol.

We should not complain about our rain, it's nothing compared to what the people in Texas have had to endure.

No pics to post today, although a great one was taken at the picnic. If I get it emailed to me I'll share with you, so you can have a good laugh.

Until later...................Prim Blessings

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