Saturday, August 30, 2008

At the Races

I haven't posted in awhile, it's been a busy week. Our week started out with loads to Paramount, Ca. We arrived at he job site on Thursday evening. We were in a fenced in area with a security guard. the football field was brand new with nice Astro turf, the girls had a blast running around on the artifical grass! We unloaded on Friday morning, this took awhile as there were 3 of us there. After unloading, dispatch had load for me about 25 miles away, so off I went. when I got there, I thought I'll never get this Big rig backed in there!! and, without the help of another driver there I wouldn't have, BUT I DID IT!!!! They gave me a Gold Star for the day, LOL. So, I picked up a load of hip waders, yep I said hip waders going to Sauk Rapids, Mn.. Hubby picked up a load of machines of some kind going to Chicago.

So, after getting our loads we headed to the TA Travel Center in Ontario, Ca. We need to take our 34 hour break. And, it just so happens that Nascar is here this weekend. After a hot shower, getting laundry done and a relaxing breakfast, he was off to the races. I don't mind, he knows a lot pf people affiliated with Nascar and so enjoys it. I said go and have a Good time. I'm sure he will.

The girls and I are in our traveling home, lol. It's quite comfortable for us, a comfy bed, computer, a good DVD, and food in the cooler. And I have my crafty things I'm working on. Still working on the penny rug candle mat and the pinkeep. Almost have them done. I'm posting pics of the place I had to back in and of the thermometer in the desert in Baker, Ca. I think it was 93 degrees when we went through that morning.

This part is for my brother-in-law, he knows which one he is, lol. I'll see if he really reads this! I'm having a package sent to your house, since I'm not home to get it.

I'm excited to get my package, it's my Mary Kay order. We have "New" Mineral Eye shadows and blushes. I've ordered some samples and if you're interested in seeing them let me know. I can't wait to get them!!

We'll head out in the morning for our destinations and will run together until we reach Des Moines, Ia where I'll head North. I hope to be home sometime Wednesday, probably late. Hubby should get back in on Thursday.

Hope you all are having a fun filled Holiday weekend!! Have lots of fun ans stay safe!

Until we meet again..................Prim Pink blessings.


pammyjo said...

You Rock trucker woman. I haven't gotten much accomplished. I'll email ya.

Richard said...

Oh boy Mary Kay can I open it and look?I'm am soooo excited.B-I-L