Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Weekend Again

I love the weekend when you can truly relax. We made it back home late last night and after unpacking the car and getting unwound I actually slept like a log. Guess I needed it, lol. The week started out with me being sick and progressively got better with the exception of my back and neck being out. A good nights sleep did wonders.

Today, was a relaxing day. The usual domestic goddess things, running to the store for a few items and laundry. Caught up on computer emails and whatevers. We went to hubby's brothers tonight for a relaxing evening. And it might have been a relaxing evening if their younger brother hadn't been playing his pranks, lol. Seems he had some leftover small fireworks, those things that you throw at the sidewalk and they "POP". Scared the crap outta me, but most of all it literally scared the crap out of their dog while it was on my lap. Only I didn't know it till later!! So the end to my relaxing day was crapped on. Richard will love that, and what a story he'll have to tell for weeks, even months from now. I'll not hear the end of it for quite sometime and I had nothing to do with it. I was just the one being crapped on! Just love it when we go for a visit with them, there's always a memory in the making and a story to be told. And the next family adventure was in the planning for Labor Day weekend.

We'll be headed for Atlanta on Tuesday. Have high hopes of stopping at the kids on the way back. Haven't seen the kids for a couple of months. So cross your fingers on that.

Didn't take pics this last week as I had posted pics in an earlier post of New Mexico and didn't want to repeat. I'll try to get pics this week since we're going in a different direction.

Hope you all have a Great week!
Until we meet again..........................Prim Blessings!


Richard said...

Truly sorry about your lap!You know which one

pammyjo said...

I'd like to see the new babies. Get that camera going! LOL You know that you have just sunk into oblivion. Those lil girls are going to take the stage. Giggle!