Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ahhhhhh, The Weekend

So glad to be home on the weekend. This past week was a good week all in all. Started out in Kentucky and then to New York state and back. But, it's always nice to be home. We actually got home late Saturday afternoon, after stopping for the usual groceries. Brought Chinese home for supper and just relaxed. This morning was a nice cool, but sunny morning. Fall is in the air. Although it's my favorite season, I'm not ready for it yet, because I know cold weather is not far behind.

After a few Domestic Goddess duties, laundry and such. I had time to relax and refresh. Out of town relatives called, a nice surprise. We all meet at hubby's brothers and had a nice visit around the fire. I saw a falling star or maybe a meteor. It's always nice to sit aorund the fire and relax.

I have some crafty things to get ready to take this next week. We're off to New Mexico for the week.

Until we meet again......Prim Blessings!

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pammyjo said...

You better get us some pictures of your crafts. How about some in progress ones. Miss ya! Drive safe!