Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Water Balloons and Water Guns

Did we have fun or what? LOL! Spent the weekend for our 34 hour break with the kids and had a blast. There were water balloons and water guns and an all out war with Papa the boys and Daddy. The daughter and I have decided this will be an on going thing, with the artillery only getting bigger as the years go on, LOL. Like who will have the biggest water gun? Well they had a great time, even though one little boys pants kept falling down. That didn't stop them though. We cooked out a fab supper of BBQ Pork chops, Hobo potatoes and green beans with yellow watermelon for dessert.

The girls had fun running in the cool grass and getting squirted with water, too! And they had a bath at the end of the day. No wet doggie smell here, lol.

We cleaned out the trucks and did all the necessary laundry early in the day so as to enjoy the afternoon.

I'm posting a couple of pics of the water fight and of the girls. Hope your weekend was as fun as ours.

Until we meet again..........Prim Blessings

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pammyjo said...

Darling pictures, I bet you just loved it. The girls are just precious. Have you seen the new RBFriend posts? I haven't gotten any emails or calls from Martie. I guess getting together isn't a go? Sad. Well keep safe for those darling boys, I'm sure they'll want you back soon. XXsP