Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Express Rolls On

Happy Tuesday! Greetings from the Ginger Man Express........as we merrily roll on, giggle.

We unloaded yesterday in Texas. Hubby had to go to Houston for a reload and I had a load to pick up in Ft. Worth. So off we went. I picked my load up yesterday afternoon and headed back to the truck stop and am waiting for hubby to come back by and we'll head north to Minnesota. We both deliver in the upper part of Minnesota on Friday.

So I've been working on the little Gingers while I wait. I am posting these pics of the progress. And of the Ginger Queen, giggle. Ha, Queen she's not, she's a thief! Everytime I turn my head she takes one and tries to hide it in the kennel. And it's not just her, it's her sister too! and they look so sweet and innocent, giggle.

The weather is in the 50's, but it's a cool 50. The wind has been blowing strong for the last couple of days and it's almost bone chilling. Very chilly for the south.

Hope you all are having a Great week.

Until the Express rolls in again.................Prim Blessings


Char said...

wow!...you are a busy lil girl!...and those theives of yours....I have one too...except it is in kitty kat form!...they think cause they are so darned cute they won't be caught!...LOL

basketsnprims said...

The girls are little trouble makers, aren't they? You have been quite busy, haven't you. They are just so cute. Stay safe.


Karen said...

lol, love the pictures! Is that the inside of your cab/sleeper???? Mighty nice girl.

You have lots of grunging when you get back home don't ya!


Bren said...

Yes, the lil' imps think cause they are cute they can get by with anything,giggle.

Karen, yep that's the sleeper on my truck. I try to make it homey, giggle.