Thursday, December 4, 2008

Frozen Express!!

OMGosh it's cold!!! I think the temp right now is about 12 degrees. Last couple of days have been cold, cold, cold and yucky weather. Yesterday around Kansas City we ran into snow and crappy roads. Then woke up and looked out at 4:45 this morning and it was snowing! So needless to say the roads weren't all that great. And all this bad weather has had me thinking about my BIL (you know which one you are), He started a new job a couple of weeks ago and part of his job is snow removal. Just wondering if he put his expertise to use, giggle. Well we made it through and all is well. We are still in Minnesota and will reload in the morning and head back for the home terminal. And maybe home for a day, I can only hope. The girls need a bath and I have some sewing to do, giggle.

Hoping you all are warm and safe.

Until the Express rolls in again..........Warm hugs

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Miranda said...

Brr, I don't envy where your at at all. Though Connor would like to see pics of some good snow if you get by any :) He likes the "express" of course only makes him want to watch The Polar Express