Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas Express

We started the week heading south, toward warmer weather. We had good roads, thank goodness. Well, it wasn't that warm in the south. And we were down in the Gulf by Biloxi, Mississippi. But it wasn't the sub zero weather and the wind chills they were having to deal with back home. After making our destination and unloading we were sent back north towards our Christmas stop.
Up early and on the road, alittle bit of rain, temps were cold but we did ok. The phone was the oldest grandson(he's 5) he said "are you driving?' of course I said yes, "to our house?" again yes, "how long before you get here?" I tired to give him as close a guess as I could on our arrival time. Next the youngest one gets on, "what's taking so long!?" by this time I'm in stitches over the excitement of these two and wishing I had recorded this phone was priceless! From then on time stood still or so it seemed, giggle. Just knowing they couldn't wait for us to get there. We arrived, they were excited, the pups were excited, giggle. An afternoon of just hanging out, a pot of spaghetti and homemade sauce for supper, Yum, Yum.
Today we'll be baking cookies to leave for Santa. And whatever else we can think of. Planning on a fun filled day, hope you are too.
The Express will be stopped here for the Holidays, to enjoy time with our family. I wish you all a Holly Jolly Christmas. Enjoy your families, friends and traditions.

Until Later.....................Hugs


basketsnprims said...

Bren, I'm glad you can spend time with family for Christmas. I'm glad to have gotten to know you this year.

Merry Christmas

Karen said...

Hi Bren...Merry Christmas girlfriend!
I'm so happy you and your husband are off the roads for the holidays and that you get to do all the fun warm cozy holiday gift wrapping, baking and just planning.