Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stitch with me & A Giveaway

My latest creation. This prim stitching is addicting, but be warned cheater glasses and all you may go blind, LOL. Not really, but they are tiny little stitches. I'm loving it though, not sure how well I can do it in the truck. Maybe I can attach a book light to my hoop. Anyone ever tried that? Well, the lighting isn't always great in the truck, especially for tiny little things. I want more to do. this has a piece of fabric for hanging attached with rusty pins. Not sure you can see that in the pic, but a great idea for attaching the hanger.
And a Giveaway to tell you about! The Village Peddler is giving away a Custom Blog Header! I've seen her work and she's awesome, I've also known her most of her life, lol. Hop on over to her blog at http://www.thevillagepeddler.blogspot.com/ to get entered.


basketsnprims said...

Bren, it turned out great. Thanks for the heads up about the giveaway.


Karen said...

I love it Bren - you are just growing in your creativity aren't you.
Hey, you need one of those miners lights! LOL

Bren said...

Karen, that might just work, lol! You're a stitch, lol

Sandy said...

I LOVE your pillow...it turned out great. I have a few patterns to try myself. I cross stitched about 5 years ago and enjoyed it. I just need to kick my self in the but and get a pattern started...LOL