Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day of History

Here we are, Tuesday already. We unloaded in Indiana this morning and hubby had to go to Michigan to pick up a reload and I headed back to the terminal. And in the morning we'll head back out for Indiana again. Atleast we know where we're going, lol. And it's not Maryland.
Today was a day for the history books. Our first African-American President took Office. I listened to it on the radio. Did you watch or listen to it? And what were your feelings? Truly a day to remember.
I'm going to work on my stitchery tonight. I want to get it finished and start another one. I've been looking for more patterns. I just love Stacy Nash's patterns. Do any of you know of others that I might like and need to go check out? Let me know.
How's your week going? Hope you have been creative and productive. What's your latest project?
Thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving me your comments. Makes my day.
Until next time.....................Blessings

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Richard said...

I have thought about being productive and creative,but just don't know (witch) one to do first....BIL