Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday and it's Snowing

Yep, again with the snow. We headed north this morning and even had a bit of sunshine. So much for that. We encountered a little freezing drizzle and then snow. It's still snowing, one of those we aren't supposed to get much but only morning will tell. Kind of bummed me out. I'm really tired of cold and snow, who isn't, huh? I'm truly a fair weather flat lander, lol. Just give me good weather and I'm fine, but cold and snow and I'd rather stay home warm and cozy and sew.
Anyway, we unload in the morning. Just down the road and then head back to the terminal for a load that goes to Indiana, turn around and head right back for a load that goes to Maryland. It snows alot in Maryland. Ok, so not looking forward to this next week. Cross your fingers for good weather for us.
Almost have my stitching done. Can't wait to start on something else. Hope you all had a Great weekend. We got to stop and see the kids for a short while. Made for a good weekend for us.
Until next time............Warm wishes and blessings


Char said...

stay warm & be safe in your travels!

pammyjo said...

I really like your header. It looks great. You must be home. I'm back to work tomorrow. Darn ... but thankful I have a job. Keeps me in the creative world. Giggle. Amanda's site is great too. She's really keepin it going. Good for her.

Karen said...

Hi Bren, boy you just can't get out of it can you...the snow I mean.
Travel safe kiddo.

~Tonya said...

I hope travels are okay for you Bren. Stay has been so cold here.

I bet you will find another neat thing to work on...once you are done with your current project.

Stay warm.