Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tucson Tonight

Made it to Tucson! I did try to get some pics today, it was too dark in Texas, too fast in New Mexico to get good pics of the pottery, and too many bugs on the windsheild to get good pics in Arizona. LOL! Well, of the ones I did get the first one is coming into Albuquerque and taking our exit for I25 south, and look how they paint the barriers like the southwest. I did get one of downtown Albuquerque and then one of some scenery in Arizona and one of a big spiny type cactus in the median.

Will unload in the morning, and then call dispatch to see what's in store next. Hope you all had a great day!!

Until we meet again......Prim Blessings


Miranda said...

OK those overpasses are ugly! but the cactus is pretty cool! :)

pammyjo said...

For the love of it! It seems like you have been gone forever. I agree, the overpasses are ugly. The clouds and cactus are ok.